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Pimple Popper and Pus Puller

Pretty Putrescent
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Got a pimple to be popped post haste, pal? Pick the perfect product for your predicament, the Pimple Popper and Pus Puller.

A pen shaped device open at one end, to be placed on the affected area and pressed down gently to form an airtight seal. A rod on the opposite end is pressed, pushing a pin into the skin and popping the pimple in question. Next, the rod is drawn back, creating suction and drawing out the offending pus. Then you look into it and go "ick", and rub your forehead because it kinda hurt.

notmarkflynn, Sep 27 2011

A little bigger than a pen but... http://www.youtube....watch?v=9NlUJOcFWiM
four different colors yay! [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 27 2011]

OK, I looked- here's the one I was thinking of... http://www.prettyan...&utm_medium=organic
[xandram, Sep 27 2011]


       Believe it or not I think this exists.
Gimme a sec.

       It does exist and I don't even want to look! It's a little metal thing with a hole in the end...
xandram, Sep 27 2011

       You'll be so glad to hear that they also come in clear or your choice of colors.   

       so glad I read this during my lunch break
<heads back to work>

       I've seen those at dermatologist offices, [xan]. Those use direct pressure to drain the wound, using the circular bit to press around it. In my idea, the draining's done by vacuum force, which the product in [2 fries]'s link does. But, that one only has suction, no needle, so I guess my idea makes it as original, but just by a hair. An ingrown hair.
notmarkflynn, Sep 27 2011


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