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Saprolegnia astringing

An excellent, natural cure for acne or age spots.
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Saprolegnia is a white, cottony 'fungus' that grows on aquarium fish.

http://www.hmsc.orst.edu/classes/MB492/saprokent/fungus-p ic3.jpg

If the fish is not treated, the saprolegnia will eventually consume and completely envelop the fish, rendering it immotile and dead. These dead fish will drift over to the nearest stationary object, stick there, and stay.

Well, why let these fuzzy balls go to waste? I've discovered that these fish cottonballs contain a natural astringent/toner that when applied to skin as a topical solution acts as a tough remedy vs. acne, age spots, premature aging and other facial woes. This can be explained by the simple fact that saprolegnia feeds on the fish's outer mucus layer to thrive. Saprolegnia and other aquarium fungi start growing because of stress in the fish, which weaken's the fish's immune system allowing spores to thrive.

http://homepages.tesco.net/~davyreynolds/articles/images/fu ngus.jpg (eventually the entire fish becomes a cottonball).

Therefore the saprolegnia fuzz has been nurtured by fish mucus, which is a binding subtance and will create a protective layer on your skin when applied, keeping all new bacteria out, which moisturizing your skin with its bottom layer. Additionally, the chemical reaction of fish mucus with saprolegnia spores creates tiny organisms whose only ability, oddly enough, is successfully fighting human acne. What seems like a fluke of nature can actually be harnessed for the beautification of civilization!

green_umbrella, Dec 17 2002

Saprolegnia. http://www.hmsc.ors...ent/fungus-pic3.jpg
[green_umbrella, Oct 04 2004]

(?) fish with saprolegnia. http://homepages.te...s/images/fungus.jpg
[green_umbrella, Oct 04 2004]


       Let me get this straight: you rub moldy dead fish on your face? Ewwwwww.
krelnik, Dec 17 2002

       How did you come to this realization? I hope not by rubbing your rotting-dead fish against eruptive-diseased face. If the idea of this to simply create an environment on your flesh where no earthly creature could possibly exit I have a few other suggestions... 1) skin eating disease 2) H2S04 3) fire 5) a live weasle 6) repeated blows with a hammer 7)lightning etc..
ImBack, Dec 17 2002

       4. there is no number 4.   

       Or you could just cover your face with snot, which would be as attractive.   

       Acne molecule?
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2002

       Eruptive-diseased face!! haha!   

       Well it actually stemmed from a hunch that both afflictions are symbiotic, and remembering that the fungus penicillin was used to treat many diseases.   

       This led me to examine the saprolegnia molecule, which can be described as:   

       Ar Ar \ / C = C (beta) / \ H3 C = O5 / O   

       When combined with the fish mucus molecule, a chemical inverse to the acne molecule is created which suggests a possible remedy.   

       Saprolegnia means "a halo of rottenness." Just sayin.   


       Ahem. Covering your face with snot would absolutely NOT have the same effect as saprolegnia-imbued fish mucus. Where the hell did you get that idea?   

       And yes, acne molecule. The entire acne barnacle has its own molecule.   

       It's a cool phenomenon - a molecule you can touch. The acne molecule is not unique in this property either.
green_umbrella, Dec 17 2002

ImBack, Dec 17 2002

       I smelled something fishy as soon as I read the title.
pangolin, Dec 17 2002

       Whoa. Where to start.
First, please clarify your stated "saprolegnia molecule" formula. IUPAC notation would be nice. The best I can interpret is that you have ethene bonded to argon (not possible my dear) and methanal. But I can't be sure.
Second, acne is a bacterial infection of one's pores and hair follicles. Not a molecule.
Third, what the heck is a chemical inverse? Do you mean an enantiomer? That is my closest guess.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding you here, but I smell rotting fish... they died of voodoo chemistry.
Malakh, Dec 17 2002

       "enantiomer" == mirror image?
bristolz, Dec 17 2002

       Yes. Sorry, I get into this mode sometimes when I use more technical words than necessary :).
Malakh, Dec 17 2002

       This method of fighting acne will have the additional effect of keeping people away from you in droves wihle you're utilizing it.

As an aside, if you carefully read [Rayford]'s anno, he was not saying that covering one's face with snot would serve to cure acne. He was actually saying that covering one's face with snot would be as *attractive* as covering one's face with fish mucous. Hope that helps!
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 18 2002

       [Malakah], I think [green_umbrella] may intend "Ar" to represent an Aryl ring. But I can't figure the structure either from the limited representation. It looks a bit like Napthylene with a complex carboxylic acid or ester stuck on the side.   

       [g_u], can you provide a link to an image of a molecular structure diagram ?
8th of 7, Dec 18 2002

       What a terrific use of vents. 10!
AfroAssault, Dec 18 2002

       Fishbone, no pun intended. Idea proposes the existence of spontaneous generation:   

       // Additionally, the chemical reaction of fish mucus with saprolegnia spores creates tiny organisms whose only ability, oddly enough, is successfully fighting human acne.//
Guncrazy, Dec 19 2002

       Is there an invention here (rather than a discovery or a Hint from Heloise)? Sounds like someone trying to sell fishmold.
bookworm, Dec 19 2002


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