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Pin-ball Hover Dodgems

new fairground driving and bumping
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Hover Dodgems are based on the familiar fairground favourite where small electrically powered cars can be driven around inside an enclosed space and may be bashed into each other. (the real idea is to avoid being bashed about unexpectedly)

Pin-ball Hover Dodgems Hover Dodgems takes the exact same principle, but removes the wheels from the cars, and replaces them with a hover skirt. Their movements are managed by a steering wheel connected to a series of manoeuvrable air jets, similar to those on Harrier VTO aircraft.

Hovercraft are notoriously difficult to control, and this is one of the main features taken advantage of by Pin-ball Hover Dodgems. The other main aspect of the idea is the driving around space itself. This is based on a scaled up version of a pin-ball machine interior, and features similar reactive bumper sides. This means that when a hover dodgem car touches any of the sides of the containment arena, it is flung off them forcefully.

The net effect of all this means that when bashed, the Hover Dodgem cars will spin and fly around freely inside the enclosed space like the projectiles in a pin-ball machine, as their drivers struggle to gain control over their chaotic momentum.

xenzag, Apr 25 2013


       So worth baking...
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2013

       Potential for soft tissue injuries from violent changes in directions? [+]
Klaatu, Apr 25 2013

       Hopefully, you'd be required to wear a helmet.   

       A Viking helmet, most likely. And spikes, an axe...
lurch, Apr 25 2013

       //Hovercraft are notoriously difficult to control// I can only assume said hovercraft is full of eels.
AfroAssault, Apr 30 2013


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