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Pinball On Ice

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With "ice dancing", ballroom dancing is transplanted onto ice. Why not do the same with a much more entertaining pastime, pinball?

A tilted sheet of ice could be placed into a pinball machine with the obstacles and other gadgets frozen right into it. Instead of a ball, the player could use the flippers to knock around a small puck. Of course, due to the difficulty of keeping the ice frozen, the game would probably be best kept outside at a ski resort.

DrWorm, Feb 20 2010

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       [+] Distinct possibility of life-threatening injuries to both players and spectators.   

       [-] Lack of gratuitous, ill-considered and entirely unnecessary employment of pyrotechnics, explosives and/or projectile weapons.   

       Vote: Neutral.
8th of 7, Feb 20 2010

       Oh, sorry... I wasn't thinking of a full-sized game. I was just thinking of a small pinball table with ice inside.   

       *there: I've edited the idea for clarity.
DrWorm, Feb 21 2010

FlyingToaster, Feb 21 2010

       Canadian Pinball, cool.   

       Unfortunately, a puck can get stuck.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 21 2010

       Pinball using rolled-up Canadians ? Wouldn't that hurt ?
8th of 7, Feb 21 2010

       Can you get a little zamboni to drive around and resurface between games?
tatterdemalion, Feb 21 2010

       Your idea [+].   

       Full-size version [++].
wagster, Feb 21 2010

       Ice hockey meets pinball? Hell yeah! [+]
Wrongfellow, Feb 21 2010

       [tatterdemalion]: Uh, yes!
DrWorm, Feb 21 2010

       I love this.   

       What [wagster] said. You should convert ice rinks into giant ice flipper battle fields, think hungry hungry hippos with 1000 pucks. +
daseva, Feb 22 2010


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