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Pinbowl wizard

Tilt !?...spare me.
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Wider and slightly shorter than a conventional bowling lane, the lanes in the pinbowl arcade are on an inclined plane causing the ball to return to sender on it's own.
Scaled up bumpers scatterd along the lane make it impossible to strike the pins on the initial roll and the players must use stomp activated flippers to keep the ball in play until they have, or the ball falls between the bumpers and into the gutter at the throw line.

Aw crap. Not three balls again.


       sounds like fun, I used to love skee ball.
dentworth, May 08 2010

       + me, too!!
xandram, May 10 2010

       Awesome! [+]
awesomest, May 10 2010

       Wouldn't want to be in the way of a bowling ball hit by a renegade flipper.   

       Oh wait, nevermind, this is a computer game.
RayfordSteele, May 14 2010

       It'd better not be. I'll be queuing up to play the real life version of this the day it opens.
BunsenHoneydew, May 15 2010

       Not a computer game [RayfordSteele].   

       I plan to build the Pinbowl alley adjacent to the Curlliards rink, around the corner from the paintball Paddlewheelair dome. For safety reasons the Parachute Suit Pursuit course will have to alternate with Paddlewheelair rental times until the next phase of construction begins.   

       Ah, but this same pun can be milked for so many good implications/titles -- Basketbowl, Volleybowl... Water bowlo...
DrWorm, Nov 26 2010

       Milked yes...played?...meh, not so much.   

       this game would be a blast but maintenance on an extra, extra, extra large pinball table would be prohibitive
Voice, Nov 26 2010


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