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Pinging Pong

The table tennis ball goes "Ping" when you hit it.....
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Just for fun, just for pun.

Sound chip inside of a ping pong ball, batteries included.

DesertFox, May 07 2005

Pongmechanik http://www.cybernik...chanik/indexen.html
A mechanic pong whose sound is produced by two wooden sound blocks. [till, May 09 2005]

Pong http://it.wordrefer...ation.asp?enit=pong
I thought this idea reminded me of something - scents as a stimulant for memories [normzone, May 09 2005]

Pong http://www.iaw.on.ca/~hdeklein/pong.htm
[normzone, May 09 2005]


       I like the idea, it would be arcade style. Except that ball emmits the sound. Ping pong balls have no durability. The sound should come from the paddles each player is using. A nice electric ping each time the ping pong ball hits a paddle
10clock, May 07 2005

       I'd like a football that does this; perhaps with different personalities, desires or life goals.   

       So perhaps the masochist that groans or gasps with pleasure the harder it is kicked and declares itself satisfied at the end of the game. Or maybe the "whooper" that shouts "weeeee!" whilst flying as a result of the long ball up the field. Perhaps also the "pointless statistician": "I'm spinning at 75.4 revolutions per second as a result of the last kick which imparted 1234 Joules of energy and my estimated time of flight is 4.3 seconds and the Magnus effect is causing me to swerve..."   

       and so on.
DenholmRicshaw, May 07 2005

       <obligatory Monty Python reference> ...and this is the table that goes PING. <oMPr>   

       [+] I want a golf ball that sounds like a rocket when it is taking off.
Blumster, May 10 2005

       a range of sounds from a baseball, based on speed. Higher velocities will result in a loud rocket... ranging down to maniacal laughter for noodle-armed pitchers and wimpy batters.
spacer, May 11 2005

       maybe for valentine's day, you could buy ping pong balls that say 'i love you' or 'be mine' or whatever every time it hits something. It would be even more valuable if you accidentally hit your boyfriend or girlfriend in the head with the ball and you need something to keep them from being mad.
hobbitcoat, May 12 2005


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