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Pirate Cruise

For people who spend vacations on the internet anyway.
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A cruise ship that goes far into international waters, flies the Jolly Rogers, and then provides all passengers with truly uncensored internet. Pirate whatever you want, the servers of pirating sites may even be located onboard for convenience. Ship features high speed connections to ground based sites that can connect you to any content on any server in the world. The ship's ISP stores all of its data in RAM which os cleared at the end of every cruise. Tickets are $1200 per person per week and include meals and access to the onboard pool and facilities.

*I searched and didn't find anything like this, but I would not be surprised if I just missed it.

DIYMatt, Dec 31 2011



Alterother, Dec 31 2011

infidel, Dec 31 2011

       Obviously the cruise line would need its own high-bandwidth satellite to establish links to stations abroad. One satellite could cover a whole ocean, and communicate via laser, with microwave backup in case of clouds. Ticket prices include data, of course.
DIYMatt, Dec 31 2011

       Oh wow, I'm definitely blaming my (currently poor) hotel wifi connection for uploading this twice.
DIYMatt, Dec 31 2011

       I think you're getting ripped off with your satellite service, [21Q].   

       I'm on an expensive satellite plan... it's $296/mth for 20GB peak and 40GB offpeak at a guaranteed 4Mbps down and 2Mbps upload. Latency is about 0.79sec.
infidel, Dec 31 2011

       If it's a true pirate ship it should chop into a submarine cable.
marklar, Jan 02 2012

       ARRRR!!!! Pay no attention to these land lubbers, [DIY Matey]! [marklar]'s got it right! A savvy entrepreneurial pirate would slice into the underwater cables -- Two Buns Up (one of them is for my parrot; damn thing eats like a vulture) [+] [+]
Grogster, Jan 02 2012

       // eats like a vulture //   

       [Grogs], a couple of questions ...   

       1) Are you finding that you are suffering from muscular strains in your shoulder and back ?   

       2) Does your "parrot" have a near two-metre wingspan ?   

       3) Does your "parrot" have somewhat drab plumage compared to others you've seen, i.e. it's a dull greyish-brown ?   

       4) Is your "parrot" the reason you now need to wear and eyepatch ?   

       We suggest you might have been wise to read the excellent "I-Spy Book Of Birds" before purchasing, as it seems your Avian identification skills are not of the sharpest. Never mind what the man in the shop told you, (which was likely to have been "A special extra big parrot at a very attractive price"), what you probably have there is, in fact, a vulture.   

       Although it might be a Norwegian Blue. Beautiful plumage ...
8th of 7, Jan 02 2012

       Thanks [8th]!!! I looked it up and it's a California Condor! Just wait till I get my hands on the guy that sold it to me as a parrot --- let me know if you see him, he was wearing an eye patch and had a wooden leg...
Grogster, Jan 02 2012

       // an eye patch and had a wooden leg //   

       He's doing better than the average condor owner, then - most of them have a hook where their "pet-feeding" hand used to be ...
8th of 7, Jan 02 2012

       //a vulture//   

       Napoleon III once attempted, as a coup de theatre, to have a vulture perch on his hat. Didn't work out as planned.
mouseposture, Jan 02 2012

       This would be much more interesting if it had nothing to do with copying files, computers, or the internet. A cruise where we catch up to staged cruise ships and lay waste to its booty would be nice.
RayfordSteele, Jan 02 2012


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