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Remote Tourism

Visit the world while being a couch potato (in a way)
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You do not like air travel. You do not like to be groped ("Don't touch my junk!!!") by the TSA. But you want to explore various exotic locales.

Solution: A customized chamber in which are devices to reproduce the environment (sunshine, temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind, smell) you are visiting remotely. Said devices receive their inputs from a set of sensors implanted in a robotic avatar (connected via the Internet) which is actually at the exotic locale. The avatar can be in a form of a human, a bird, a fish, whatever. You will be wearing a 3-D headset; in the chamber are various mobile/flexible surfaces mimicking the texture and hardness of the ground at the exotic locale. If your avatar become fresh with a live person, the slap transmitted to you can be set so the slap does not sting you too hard. Your voice may be transmitted to the avatar. Freak out some people when your chihuahua avatar says "Yo quiero Taco Bell!"

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cecil0132, Dec 11 2012




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