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Pirate Parrot Phone

Beautiful plumage ...
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Prior Art <link>.

A mobile phone the size and shape of a full size adult macaw, with realistic plumage, animatronic mobility, and a repertoire of sounds.

The eyes contain cameras and the unit runs facial recognition software, allowing it to recognise and speak to "friends". It has a repertoire of amusing phrases and behaviors, and is gyro and servo stabilised to maintain its balance.

It has a high quality speakerphone, the speaker being in the wing closest to the owner's ear.

Dialling is by voice command, or by a discreet wristwatch-style terminal.

The optional eyepatch is in fact a VR/ER monocular.

8th of 7, Dec 10 2015

Mechanical Shoulder Parrot Mechanical_20Shoulder_20Parrot
Original idea by [Voice] [8th of 7, Dec 10 2015]

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       I suppose when the phone rings the parrot squawks "ARRRRR!"
Vernon, Dec 11 2015


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