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Push your computer text and images around
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The Pixel-dozer is a little programme that sits on your computer desktop like a tool shed or garage. When selected, the doors open and you are offered a choice of active conversions for your cursor. This already exists in simple form i.e. Mightymouse, but the Pixel-dozer goes much further as it brings advanced behaviour and functionality with it, along with appearance and sound options.

The idea is that once the Pixel-dozer is activated, any open windows containing text or images are instantly converted to “debris available for clearing mode”.

Suppose you select the basic bull-dozer mode for your cursor. The cursor becomes a little curved blade pushed along by a miniature tracked vehicle. When it enters the active window, containing lines of text for example, you can bull-doze the words and letters into heaps, or plough lanes through them like clearing the snow off a road. This is accompanied by the satisfying sound of grinding rubble, together with the crashing of gears and roaring of the little engine.

More adventurous editors will lower the grammar magnet into the text box, to attract like fish, all the verbs or punctuation marks. Images can receive similar treatment. Colour vacuum hoses can reach in and flail around as they suck out all the red (for example) from an image, pumping it into labelled jars. Little combine harvesters could be unleashed on a picture of a traffic filled highway, the nasty vehicles being bundled up and left in the form of neatly wrapped haystacks.

Text blocks can be rounded up and lassoed like cattle, or hosed into the corners like leaves. The Pixel-dozer has many options to suit all tastes.

Once complete, and you have all your broken words, letters, image fragments, colours etc. piled or bundled up, you can go back to your garage and select a suitable device to cart them off to the dump, or have a funeral service at the little crematorium that sits gently smoking in the far corner of your screen.

xenzag, Nov 25 2006

(?) Mightymouse http://www.unsanity.../haxies/mightymouse
Mac only cursor customisation - very good for making a giant cursor for those with weak eyes [xenzag, Nov 25 2006]


       (sp. computer programs - usually spelt the US way )   

       I now want to write a grammar magnet application.
Dub, Nov 25 2006

       This is one of the best ideas I have ever seen. + for lighting up my brain after a long night of trying to darken it.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 25 2006

       love the title.
po, Nov 25 2006

       In the name of the mother tongue I refute dub's spelling correction.   

       I'm the king of typo's but, by god, it's programme, damnit.
Custardguts, Nov 27 2006


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