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Software Development IDE as Lists Editor

Modify open source IDE and have an open source collaborative lists editor.
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[Problem] -- We have proprietary apps, like Workflowy (.com), or Dynalist (.io), that sell lists/trees management with great features (like subtexts, highlighting, etc.) with good amounts of freemium, but no true guarantees of privacy, and having data on a 3rd party's cloud. There are also open source apps for tree editing, like Calculist (.io), which unfortunately, are not that easy to use.

[Idea] -- list management is not so different from source code management, and there exists open source editors, such as VSCode (Visual Studio Code), that support plugins and in-between-the-lines notes. So, with minor investment to open source, we could have an open source plugin replicating those features, and enabling the use for private lists/trees exchange.

Notes: could export/import with YAML-like format, OPML format, etc.

Mindey, Oct 06 2019

GitHub -- created a generic issue, that would help later implement this more easily. https://github.com/...vscode/issues/82084
[Mindey, Oct 08 2019]

Video https://wiki.mindey...-of-indentation.mp4
[Mindey, Oct 09 2019]


       I've not come across "list management" as a discrete thing before - however, I do think there's a huge opportunity in using tools like Git for non-binary document management generally. Whether you're writing technical manuals, short stories, lists, markup documents, articles, code, whatever - if there's a potential for edits and re-writes - especially across a team - then Git is the way forward. You can see changes, who made them, when and what their motivation was - as well as keeping a full history so you can revert to an earlier version. Who'd do anything otherwise?
zen_tom, Oct 07 2019

       From the idea title, I was half-expecting this to be a reinvention of Lisp.   

       // Who'd do anything otherwise? //   

       Insufficiently technical people, who will almost certainly continue to exist (both unfortunately and fortunately).
notexactly, Oct 07 2019

       // I do think there's a huge opportunity in using tools like Git for non-binary document management generally //   

       [zen_tom], I totally agree here, and that's the "why" part of the idea.
Mindey, Oct 08 2019

       [Mindey], I'm getting connection timeout every time when trying to load your video.
notexactly, Oct 09 2019

       [notexactly], sorry, that apparently was the problem of my ISP. Looks good now.
Mindey, Oct 09 2019

       Yep, works now :)
notexactly, Oct 09 2019


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