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Pizza taxi

cab or food?
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Yes cab or food, this can be one of the hardest choices you will ever have to make. Why not have a cab/pizza dilivery bussiness, order your pizza and then get it and you dilivered to your house after a night out.
Gulherme, Sep 05 2002

Not taxi related at all http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Freshen-Up
When you arrive somewhere in need of shower/shave etc.. [Jinbish, Sep 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       <speeling>delivery / business / delivered</speeling>
PeterSilly, Sep 05 2002

       If you want to hitch a lift with the Domino's pizza delivery guy, then more fool you.
DrCurry, Sep 05 2002

       Most places I've been, you could buy, eat, digest and write an epic poem about a pizza while you're waiting in a queue for a taxi on a Saturday night. Maybe we need pizzerias at taxi stances, although they already tend to be nearby.
pottedstu, Sep 05 2002

       put an oven in the back of the taxi complete with all the ingredients and washing facility - give you something to do during the journey home.
po, Sep 05 2002

       If you are out on the town then just get a pizza yourself. If you are at home then call for a pizza delivery. If you need a ride call for a taxi.   

       If on the other hand you say taxis should drive around with an inventory of pizza for sale, well then I am all for it.
gootyam, Sep 05 2002

       <speeling> spelling </speeling>

What he seems to be saying is that there are times when one can afford a pizza or a cab home, but not both. One could resolve the dilemma by buying a pizza and having it delivered along with one's elf.
angel, Sep 05 2002

       I think the idea here would be to call to order your taxi, and pizza at the same time. This is a good idea When the car arrives, it does so with piping hot pizza on board. This could be accomplised by mounting a pizza oven on the front passenger seat of the taxi. The pizza would be put together in the conventional pizza shop, (next door to the taxi office), it would then be transferred to the oven in the car. It would be baked on a timer. A central pizza/journey interface module would calculate the length of time for pizza cookery, and the predicted journey time. If the former is shorter than the latter then the pizza requireing-fare is picked up directly, if the pizza cooking is likely to take longer then other fares could be picked up en route. If the baking finishes before the taxi finds the pizza pining people, then it drops from the oven into a mildly heated pizza box compartment which keeps it warm and snug.   

       Good work [Gulherme] I shall notice the absence of this concept next time I'm on beers.   

       A freshly baked croissant in a black cab for you!
Zircon, Sep 05 2002

       Even better, a mobile kebab shop, built into a minibus. Flag down the TaxiShop, get on board, place order and give diestination. By the time you arrive home, your kebab is ready. Excellent.   

       Croisssant, filled with greasy, peppery minced lamb, and chilli sauce.
8th of 7, Sep 05 2002

       I know [angel], I know. I was intending to delete the anno once the speeling had been corrected.   

       I used to work with a guy called Barry Walmsley (names changed to protect the innocent). When demoing software, his fingers used to fly all over the keyboard, but never to the right place. This led to the notion of the Billy Wilberslow Speel Chucker. Since then, I've used "speeling" rather than "spelling" to refer to incorrect speeling.
PeterSilly, Sep 05 2002

       Angel got it right, sometimes you can afford food, or a cab fare but not both of them so you can either eat and walk, or starve and ride. since a fare to my house from town uasually costs around 10 bucks, and a pizza from mr pizza is around 12 bucks dilivered I could pay 2 dollars extra and get a pizza and a ride home.
Gulherme, Sep 06 2002

       I know this problem well. The many times I have arrived home after a night out..safe and dry and hungry (taxi) or cold and wet and tired and full (pizza).   

       Depending on the economics (price of pizza 'extra') this could save many poor souls from the horrible Hobson's choice.   

       [pottedstu] I don't think taxi drivers like people eating in the back of their cab. And by the time you are home...its cold.
Jinbish, Sep 06 2002

       [po] - Your annotation contains a better idea than this idea actually - A fleet of camper vans (or maybe in the US, RVs) available for hire as taxis. So, imagine you've just flown into Heathrow on the red-eye from New York. You've got an important meeting in the City at 9:30 - what could be better than a quick shower and a shave[*] in the taxi as it speeds (OK, crawls) down the M4 to London?

[*] I don't mean to imply here that you need a shave, [po] - this part would be optional.
hippo, Sep 06 2002

       I guess you could just order a pizza to your home while your still at a club and then walk to the pizza place when you think that a reasonable amount of time has past, pizza takes about 20 minutes to make so say you walk over there ten minutes after you have ordered, then confront the pizza boy outside the pizza establishment and say "look, your taking that bbq chicken pizza to 4 lambert cresent, thats my pizza, there is nobody at my house, unless you take me home your not going to get payed."
Gulherme, Sep 06 2002

       My house mates know the guys from the kebab shop down the road so well that they regularly get lifts home from town in the delivery van even if they're not buying food. They do eat kebabs/burgers about 3 nights a week though.
Zircon, Sep 06 2002

       [hippo] I've got that covered...kind of. (see gratuitous self plug link)
Jinbish, Sep 06 2002

       Reminds me of my friend who, when at university, found a pizza place that was right next to a pub he and his drinking buddy liked. Whenever they really wanted to get totally plastered, they would drink at that pub. At the end of the evening they would walk into the pizza place, order a pie, and have it delivered to their own house. Then they'd ask to ride along. Proof enough for me that there is a market for this. Baked goods for you.
krelnik, Oct 16 2002


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