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After a big night, condense the old Kebab-and-a-Cab into one convenient service
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KebabCab™ offers you a ride to your destination whilst fixing you a brilliant kebab while on your way. With the front passenger seat converted to a rotisserie your driver will knock you up a delight while weaving through traffic. Ok so this idea might not be Kebabylon... I haven't baked in a while...

- "Town hall please driver..." - "You want chilli with that?"

lukecleland, Sep 15 2005

pretty much cooked with this I would have imagined. Pizza_20taxi
[po, Sep 15 2005]


       Kebabylon by bus
JesusHChrist, Sep 15 2005

       Yeah Im sure I want a half wit cabbie to cook me a kebab at 4 in the morning when my friend is puking right next to me. Cabs are not friendly rides, you ride in a cab because you have too.
Antegrity, Sep 15 2005

       I feel sick just reading this.
wagster, Sep 15 2005

Jinbish, Sep 15 2005

       I have visions of hot coals and drippings flying around the interior of the cab each time the driver stomps on the brakes or takes a corner too sharply. That would sober up any inebriated riders rather quickly.
jurist, Sep 15 2005

       an idea to relish.
neilp, Sep 15 2005

       If you're getting a taxi, it's likely that the driver's inherent incompetance behind the wheel will more than likely make you throw up anyway. Why not get the process over and done with even quicker? And if your friend has fallen asleep, you can offer him the kebab/vom mixture, tell him it's just coleslaw on it, and have a laugh when he eats it.
quaero curvus, Sep 15 2005

       My mind's a fit trying to reconcile 'fuel line' with 'food chain'.
reensure, Sep 15 2005

       I can forsee humus footprints up the garden path.
skinflaps, Sep 15 2005


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