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Pizzabox Flywheel Case

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Instead of encasing the flywheel in a vanadium-steel, vacuum-pump equipped chamber, reinforced to withstand 14psi external pressure, encase it in a cardboard pizza-box sealed with duct-tape and use an electrolyzer to keep it full of hydrogen at ambient pressure. Oh, and there should be a relief membrane for when the little friction that is actually produced heats up the hydrogen.

While meant for slow flywheels which can easily shrug off an errant piece of pepperoni without exploding, the rim of even the fastest flywheels can't approach the speed of sound in hydrogen.

FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2011

I said "flywheel", not "hard drive" http://www.theregis...o_top_of_hgst_heap/
whatever, Hitachi. [FlyingToaster, Mar 26 2015]


       Ill-conceived, foolish, dangerous, highly inflammable, inadequately designed and researched, potentially lethal.   

       [+] Immediate massive bun.
8th of 7, Aug 29 2011

       Delivers energy within 30 minutes or your next order is free. [+]
AusCan531, Aug 31 2011

       Pure genius, [FT]! Bun [+]
Grogster, Aug 31 2011

       Half of what [8th] said. [+]
Voice, Mar 26 2015


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