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I know a little bit about everything but a lot about nothing.

"I have never been afraid to embark upon Vast Projects with Half-vast Plans."

Canada or Australia - the West Coast is the Best Coast. G'day Eh!

I believe that there are two types of people:

1) those who are good at finishing lists,


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'Participating member of the Ooolongftangftangbank profile scheme.'

[Jul 26 2011, last modified Dec 30 2021]

(+4) 3 Rocket Circus
(+9)(+9) 4 Buckets of Sand
(+4, -1) 5 kmh bed rail system
(+4) 50 Sheds of Grey
(+1) A Bigger Toaster
(+8)(+8) A stapler that makes you squeal if you use it when it is empty
(+8, -1) Air blade after shower drier
(+4) Amorphous Laminar Flow Art
(+6) Art Glasses
(+4) Auto Bellows
(+3) Automated Radio Contest Winner
(+7, -1) Automated Road Rage
(+2) Bandwagon with StairLift or Escalator
(+6) Better tasting Cardboard*
(+6) Bubble wrap adhesive Tape
 Bubbles of Doom
(+2) BumberShooting
(+4, -1) Cell phone Emergency Override Option
(+7) Chain Mesh Lockable Bag
(+3) 'Cheap Beer' Turnstile Energy
(+2) Circular Paint Sprayer
 Cistern mounted toilet brush
(+2) Colour Changing Fur Coat
(+6, -1) Continental Divide Rubber Ducky Race
(+7) Cruelty free Fur Coats
(+10)(+10) Curved neck beer bottles
(+9)(+9) Decoy Earthmoving Equipment and Gates
(+6) Edible Mesh Bag
(+6) EEG equipped headphones
(+20)(+20)(+20) Exploding Firefighting Mushrooms
(+9)(+9) Exploding Jaw Breakers
(+2) Fingerprint Golf Balls
(+10)(+10) Footprint Tire Wraps
(+7) Free Fall Alarm Clock
(+13)(+13) Garbage Can Downforce Wings
(+7) Goldfish Fountain
(+6) Graveyard obit for people
(+3) Haptic Back Rest
(+7) Helium Farts
(+8)(+8) Hollow face surveillance
(+5, -1) HUD Windscreen with Virtual Destruction
(+3) Improved Sterile Elevator Button Design
(+11)(+11) Inflatable Crossing Guard
(+12)(+12) Inflatable Flailing Arm Swordsmen
(+8)(+8) Log Flume-style Airship
(+3) Lost wax process 3D printing
(+9)(+9) Method for manufacture of Graphene
(+8)(+8) Mt Everest Slide tubes
(+6) Nitrogen filled garage to inhibit corrosion.
(+6) One-legged Bar Stool
(+7) Optical Illusion Hockey Mask
(+8)(+8) Outside Tumble Dryer
(+3) Paddleboard Lacrosse
(+6, -1) Paste-on Pustules
(+6, -2) Personal Hourglass of Time
(+3) Personal Vortex so You can Breathe
(+4) Pet Food Sampler Pack
(+7) Phase Change of Underwear
(+3) Phosphorescent Swimming Pools
(+3) Pistol grip Slingshot.
(+13)(+13) Placard Printing Van
 Possible Data Breach
(+4) Potato Battery Powered Electric Car
(+11)(+11) Pre-Covid Air
(+1) Promise to increase public lifespan
(+5) Pulse Signal Black Box
(+3) PunCoin
(+4) Puzzle Piece Tablecloth
(+8)(+8) QR Codes or BarCode Reader for Legibility
(+4) Railgun Hula Hoop
(+6) Randomized pool of Military Leaders
(+6) Reflective Beast Eyes
 Reflective Lobster Trap Fridge
(+5) Roller Blind type Sheet and Blanket Dispenser
(+3) Rubber Barb Wire
(+3) Rubbish Bag Sucker
(+4, -1) Sail Plow
(+8, -3) Scaring things before killing and burying them to combat Global Warming
(+1) Schrödinger's Golf Course
(+9)(+9) Shark powered turbines
(+7) Simple Elevator Button Sterilizer Design
(+5) SOHO Solar light fitting
(+3, -2) Space Orbital Advertising Ribbon
(+6) Spherical luggage system
(+14)(+14) Staple Bangers
(+8)(+8) Sub-m-Orion Project
(+9)(+9) Submarine Noise Clone Drone
(+2) Superglued gabions
 Supplement to put you in the zone
(+8)(+8) Tacklebox Design Deep Freezer
(+4, -1) 'Take a Chance' Pill
(+5, -2) Tectonic Cutlery
(+2) The Agreeable App
(+2) The French tried to establish the Halfbakery in Australia
(-7)(-7) The Halfbakery gets a plug on Reddit
(+12)(+12) The Invigorator - Alternating Hot/Cold Shower
(+7) The Opposite Show
(+7) The ShortChainger
(+9)(+9) Theremin Based White Cane
(+8)(+8) Thermoelectric fan to filter coal smoke
(+7) Toilet Donut
(+5) Tri Hard Art
(+7) Tumble Towel Dryer
(+5, -3) Two-rusalem
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Ultra Compact Christmas Tree
(+2, -1) Unabubba's Secret Identity
(+7) Vacuum assisted Popcorn maker
(+4) Vacuum packed landing pads
(+5) Variable Rhythm Car Alarm
(+2) Variations on Normal Book
(+6) VR Respite Room
(+6) Wagon Wheel Fence
(+5) Weaponized Earworms
(+5, -1) Wistful computer language

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