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Planet Of The Arboreal Apes

Techno Primate Park
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We've all been envious of the careless and free "flight" of certain primate species among the branches of jungle canopies -- what child hasn't pretended to be Tarzan?

This ride, a top an artificial jungle canopy, will make the primate's effortless glide available to the average amusement park goer (with appropriate heart condition, back pain and height exclusions) by using carefully positioned netting and powerful air currents, similar in strength to those used in wind tunnels where one can practice sky diving.

Make your own course down the set of artificial jungle giants without any tethering by jumping from branch to branch and platform to platform as powerful air blasts slow down your fall and let you adjust just in time to mistakes.

Helmets required.

theircompetitor, Aug 16 2011

Go Ape http://goape.co.uk/sites/sherwood
Is this the kind of thing you had in mind? Sounds similar. [nineteenthly, Aug 18 2011]

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       //netting and powerful air currents// Also wireless mikes and amplifiers, so you can do the Tarzan yodel. [+]
mouseposture, Aug 16 2011

       [+] Just for the air blasts.   

       You should make it a quest to reach the summit, you get to traverse trees and with the help of powerful air blasts which propel you upwards you reach the top to enjoy a spectacular view of the rest of the park.
nickthird, Aug 17 2011

       We think you're out of your tree ...   

8th of 7, Aug 17 2011

       I think this is probably baked in the form of "Go Ape".
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2011

       no, this is certainly not a zip line. The goal is to jump free, no cables. Support comes from air artificial air currents
theircompetitor, Aug 18 2011

       Goin for the gusto...   

       This would be a lot of fun. As long as it had nets and foam pits in case turbine buddy isn't quick enough on the draw. Or is this entirely computer controled? and would you be able to determine the air blast needed based on weight alone? A persons shape in the air will be a huge factor.   

       If you get a free pass for making it through the entire course without needing get an air assist, sign me up.   


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