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Real Life Frogger Game

Dynamic Collision Avoidance Game
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You remember the video game Frogger where you control a frog sprite attempting to cross a busy highway for valuble prizes?

I propose a real life Amusement Park attraction that duplicates this game. Several overhead conveyors are employed to draw heavily padded 'vehicles' on swinging hinges laterally across a busy 'highway'. The purpose is to cross the highway and retrieve goodies on the other side without being knocked over by the speeding vehicles. There are of course safe 'stripe' zones between lanes. The width, mass, speed and frequency of the vehicles increases after each succesful crossing and the value and unwieldiness of the goodies also increases.

This could come in adult and kiddie versions. For the X-Treme version you would also need to sign a waiver and show proof of medical insurance.

CecilL, Sep 27 2005


       Sounds a lot like certain versions of the game "Chicken," as played in low rent districts throughout the world. Except the vehicles aren't Nerf.
DrCurry, Sep 27 2005

       Is CeciL still alive?
pashute, Mar 08 2010


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