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Planet You

your own private planet (small)
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Owning your own private planet is now a dream that can come true for a modest sum of money. Here's how it works.

First you select the colour of your planet, then you decide what you want on it. Now this bit has to be small as these planets are only a quarter of an inch in diameter, so we're probably talking about your name and a few images, (in micro-dot format) plus a hair follicle, or similar tiny physical memento of your comparatively short existence.

Next you pay your launching fee of approximately 100 dollars. Your planet is then manufactured and packed in a 216 cubic ft container along with about one million others, (if my feeble maths holds up) and commercially launched into space to be released into a non-decaying orbit.

Your planet will now remain in Earth's orbit until it is either: harvested by an alien egg collector; sucked into the vortex of a passing comet; or swallowed by the sun as part of its eventual demise in a few billion years time.

Meanwhile you have the satisfaction of waving your certificate around that verifies that you are the proud owner of your very own little planet.

xenzag, Jun 19 2006

I just want two chairs, a dog, a cat, a street light, and a robot. http://www.drawmang...ttle_Prince_300.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 19 2006]

Planet of magrathea, o.k., o.k.. http://en.wikipedia...he_Galaxy#Magrathea
But why? Mostly for the fame and the money. [zeno, Jun 19 2006]

Wikipedia: Planet, 2006 definition of http://en.wikipedia...efinition_of_planet
You may want to check with that first. [jutta, Jun 03 2009]

https://www.space.c...er-1-rocket-landing [xenzag, Jan 24 2021]


       He, he, Now what shall I call my planet? [+]
skinflaps, Jun 19 2006

       [2 fries] - that illustration nearly made me fall off my chair - laughing out loud - can my planet enter a binary orbit with yours and we can swap pets every few millennia?
xenzag, Jun 19 2006

       Of course, putting them in orbit around Earth makes them moons, not planets. You'd better launch them to a stable orbit around our sun. This will also prevent space junk problems.   

       Orbits around our sun also give more options, as to what kind of orbits (cirular, or highly elliptical?) and how far out from the sun. The orbits should be designed such that the real-sized planets will not disturb the microplanets.   

       What about non-orbits? We could, for a small additional fee, launch your microplanet in a custom direction into space, leaving our solar system to become the next Voyagers.
Forthur, Jun 19 2006

       How much is it and where do I sign?
Rm Brz, Jun 19 2006

       Wasn't that nice, that thing I read about in a book, wouldn't it be nice if it were real? The planet of Magrathea, see link. Pretty widely known I would say.
zeno, Jun 19 2006

       [Rm Brz] - it's a hundred dollars, which works out at a hundred million. ie enough to create and launch the planets and make a big enough profit to save some whales orangutans and albatrosses.   

       [zeno] First time I heard of "magrathea" and happily it's got nothing in common with my little planets, which could be made real for a measly hundred dollars.
xenzag, Jun 19 2006

       Better pick a Sun orbit so these pesky thing don't crash into satellites/space shuttles at light years per hour.
phundug, Jun 19 2006

       //Light years per hour//, for a measly hundred dollars?
zeno, Jun 19 2006

       Love it. [+] Somewhere I have actual spacedust from a meteorite .. er .. it came with a box of cereal though, so could actually be kelloggs sawdust ..
kuupuuluu, Jun 19 2006

       We can swap pets, but if it's only going to be every few millennia then I'm getting a falcon.   

       I think we should have it orbit at right angles to the rest of the solar system. Just because.
RayfordSteele, Jun 20 2006

       I can imagine a time when so many exoplanets have been discovered that every person on Earth can have one each.
simonj, Jun 02 2009

       I posted this idea 15 years ago, now look at the link.
xenzag, Jan 24 2021

       It's comments like this that make me feel like taking a long break from this place. There used to be some genuine madness here, but the practical householders are in the ascendency now. zzzzzzzzzz
xenzag, Jan 24 2021

       Easier to just take the money and issue the certificates.
pocmloc, Jan 24 2021

       Could there be Clangers ? A tiny planet with actual Clangers would be cool ...   

       Would there be a bag limit, and a closed season ?
8th of 7, Jan 25 2021


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