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So you find yourself dead.
It happens.

For some reason we talking monkeys like to leave a mark of some sort behind when we kick off, and there seems to be a direct correlation between how long a person is remembered with just how cool or bad-ass they were.

This has led to some individuals throughout history resorting to incredible or atrocious acts to ensure that their story remains told for as many generations as possible.

Seems pointless to me, but in the interests of appeasing this apparent need, allowing the masses to have their stories immortalized for perhaps tens of thousands of years after all life has been scoured from the face of our planet, and causing such over excitable egomaniacal personages to just chill out a bit, FryCo has launched...well, nothing really, but it's R&D department have come up with a proposal to have, (for a modest fee), all of a person's personal information, family history, video documentary, and snippets of DNA stored in sealed pressure canisters which will then be launched to intercept with an orbiting satellite and then fired to impact with a specific location on the lunar surface.

No more need for empires and monolithic monuments to vanity, and future alien archaeologists will dig the crap out of it.

Never have so many said so much about so little for so long.
Can you afford not to.

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       Now I'm going to work sad [neelandan].   

       + moonstone tombstone +
xandram, Aug 13 2010


       + I like FryCo. BungCo kind of freaked me out - Just kidding!   

       Selene Remembering?
Zimmy, Aug 14 2010


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