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Planets of Dead and Dying Flies

horror fly trapping system
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Normally I don't agree with any kind of killing, even of flies, but the idea for a better fly control mechanism cannot be denied. It's called as per the title: Planets of Dead and Dying Flies.

It's a simple mechanical device which attaches to any light bulb fixture that hangs from a ceiling. It consists of an orary type array of balls which orbit the bulb as if it were the star at the centre of a system of planets. Flies which are normally attracted to a light source naturally venture closer, easily navigating a pathway between the rotating spheres, but wait, the spheres have been treated with a coating of that sticky stuff that flies simply adore.

This means that in time, they become covered with a mass of dead and dying flies. Fly coated planets can be removed from their orbits and posted to Zag labs for research purposes, with freshly coated replacements returned in exchange.

xenzag, Aug 31 2013

Inside-out mosquito net Inside-out_20mosquito_20net
Prior Art [8th of 7, Aug 31 2013]


       [+] More morbidly entertaining than flypaper.   

       However, I have never understood why flypaper (or indeed these flyballs) cannot contain, in addition to the glue, something which kills flies on contact. There is nothing more gruesome than seeing a dozen flies glued in place, waggling their legs for days on end.   

       [EDIT: apparently flypaper used to contain arsenic which, not surprisingly, was banned. However, you'd think some more benign insecticide could be substituted.]
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 31 2013

       So which one is correct; Orary or Orrery? Oh the horrery...   

       Not sure... Predictive text on iPad put in orary... Will check. Seems like either can be used.
xenzag, Aug 31 2013

       Morbid and a little bit disgusting. [+]
Voice, Aug 31 2013

       [+}, but also <link>
8th of 7, Aug 31 2013


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