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Plasma Globe HeadGear

Science fashion takes a turn for the strange.
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It occured to me while posting an annotation to 'Vue-Brain' that my idea of a plasma globe head covering wouldn't be dependent at all upon the vue-brain requirement of a clear head, and so I'm posting it here.

This might rather be described as more of a helmet rather than a hat, due to it's necessary round shape to keep the plasma storm field evenly displaced. The outer shell would be a clear plastic of some type sufficient to contain the plasma gas yet transmit the required electrostatic imbalance so as to get a field response. The inner shell would have to be a constant distance from the outer shell, and a final, padded third shell would conform to the head. I'm uncertain as to the exact voltage requirements to create the phenomenon, but I'm sure a sufficiently-sized capacitor or battery could be included to generate the field. The perfect thing to wear when accepting your Nobel Prize award.
Exploring new ideas in science fashion, one half-baked idea at a time...

Next up, Van deGraff helmets...

RayfordSteele, May 03 2002

Get some plasma plates to go with the hat http://www.strattma...uminglas/index.html
[cloudface, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I like that idea... It would be very cool looking...   

       evil geniuses everywhere would buy one....   

       muha ha hahahhahha!
oxygon, May 03 2002

       Fantastic! I had originally envisioned Vue-Brain as a way to psych out poker opponents, but the plasma globe headgear might be even more effective! "I <bzzzt...bzzzt> raise!"
tspyz, May 03 2002

       There must be an underdeveloped market out there for plasma-enhanced devices. Could you imagine a plasma ball sex-toy?
RayfordSteele, May 03 2002

       I want one.
reensure, May 03 2002

       Plasma globes operate at voltages in the range of about 20K-40K, depending on the gas used, the pressure, and the length of the arc.   

       The actual amperage is very low, though, so batteries may still work, with some transformer/inverter setup.   

       The problem here is that you need electrodes. The inner surface of the headgear could be one such, but you've got to be VERY careful about insulation from the head there. The other problem is that now that you've removed the ground path from the device (previously provided by the plug into the wall), the full circuit needs to be made between the outer shell and the power supply, via the air, or more likely the wearer's skin.   

       You probably won't see the "storm" effect you're familiar with, if there are preferential discharge paths. Quite half-baked.
5tonsofflax, May 03 2002

       Nice. I'm also picturing pro football teams wearing these for helmets, each in the team colors.
spartanica, May 03 2002

       Just make sure you aren't plasmarating on Wilhelm Reich's orgone frequencies...and surely the chaos that would result if an unscrupulous evil genius used your helmet to take over the world should convince you all not to pursue its further development.
cloudface, Dec 01 2003


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