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Plastic Surgery Reality Show

American Idol meets the nose job
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[Disclaimer: my girlfriend thought of this while watching some TV competition for hairdressers. So I can't really take credit for it. But it seems like it ought to be posted here ...]

Starting with a field of 10 plastic surgeons, each gives a different procedure to a different "model" each week. Judges then decide on who has done the worst job, and votes them off the competition.

tosspot62, Jun 02 2007

nothing would surprise me. must be better viewing than Trinny & Susannah though. http://www.cbc.ca/a...-reality-organ.html
[po, Jun 03 2007]

Extreme Makeover http://en.wikipedia...ki/Extreme_Makeover
Putting the "exploitation" into Reality TV [zen_tom, Jun 03 2007]

TV kidney competition was a hoax http://news.bbc.co....ainment/6714063.stm
[zen_tom, Jun 03 2007]

Well known reference point http://www.snopes.c.../people/jackson.asp
[Ling, Jun 04 2007]


       Brilliant! Although shouldn't they be aspiring plastic surgeons, with the winner getting an office in L.A. or the Hamptons? [+]
nuclear hobo, Jun 02 2007

       With regards to your link [po], I think it's absolutely fucking shameful to have what amounts to a popularity contest over which contestant gets to live.   

       Edit: Ah Tom, once again you've made a fool of me with your factual accuracy.   

       The only problem that I can see with this is that I'm not sure that an average person can really tell the difference between a good surgery and an average one. Of course botched ones are noticeable, but I doubt that unskilled people can really judge one brow lift against another.   

       That said, I'm all for it so long as some of the surgeons are taken from the mediocre to sub par levels of the profession. If this can make people aware of the risks of unnecessary surgery, then all the better.
hidden truths, Jun 03 2007

       have a few frankenstein's m's lurching about. sorry, lurch.
po, Jun 04 2007

       I can feel the human dignity leaking out of the room. Bone.
nomocrow, Jun 04 2007

       there's TOO many reality shows out there. plus this would put so many people in a bad situation. they could end up scarred for their lives... (-)
vias7268, Jun 06 2007

       Grotesque idea, but positively fascinating. How can I get on the mailing list?
janbest, Jun 06 2007


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