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Porpoises with Purposes

Dogs with Jobs (of the Sea) - Reality Flipper
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Who couldn't stand to watch more underwater high-def programming? In this show, different teams of trainers come up with stupid pet tricks to teach to seafaring mammals. They could sniff out blood (maybe a shark would be better suited for this task), forensics style. There could be short, random theatrical segments (reprising Flipper scenes, in parody).

At the end, everyone (trainers and all) get caught in a tuna net, ground up, canned, and made into sandwiches at my work cafeteria. Mmm, soilent greyish pink.

Mister P, Mar 04 2008


       anti-seaworld rant
dentworth, Mar 04 2008

       [-] Worse than Auto Chicken Farm before I learned that the chickens died before preperation.   

       (s.p: soylent greyish-pink.)
Shadow Phoenix, Mar 04 2008


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