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Plate Of Food Mouse

Turn any food item into a mouse!
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As your co-worker chats with you in your office, you are sliding a Pink Snowball snack cake across a medium-sized dinner plate. Co-worker is amazed as the cursor on your computer screen follows every movement of your snack. You double tap the decoration on the rim of the plate and it opens a window.

Ordinary looking plate is a field generator with touch sensors that is connected in wireless fashion to your computer. Whatever food item you place on plate is sensed by field that reads movement of food. Touch sensitive areas on rim of plate are contols for left/right click and scrolling. Cursor remains on last position on screen when you take a bite of your snack. Small plastic apple or glass is default mouse when you are not hungry.

Saves desk space and is for fun, mostly.

wombat, Sep 13 2003


       Nifty idea, but what happens when you have five things on the plate? + anyway, though.
Pseudonym #3, Sep 13 2003

       (drags Pink Snowball across plate, instinctively 'double clicks'... *squish*)
Cedar Park, Sep 13 2003

       But I would run out of mice so fast!
Weirdo55, Feb 20 2004


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