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Moulded Mouse

Custom moulded mouse to fit the size and shape of your hand
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Orthotics are moulded to the shape of your foot to prevent injury.

Adapt the same technology to produce computer mice that are the most ergonomic size and shape for your hand, to increase comfort and reduce strain injuries.

sprogga, Feb 01 2008

(?) Moldable Mouse http://www.productd...php?article_id=7268
Something like this? [dbsousa, Feb 02 2008]


       Ideally, I would like a mouse in the form of a squeezable ball. Thinking about it, it probably wouldn't work. There's plenty of good ergonomic mice out there, my gaming laser mouse provides a lot of comfort. As for strain injuries, I was in the understanding that it's down to the way you position yourself in front of the computer.   

       This sounds pricey.
skinflaps, Feb 01 2008

       But is a mouldy, um, moulded mouse ergonomic? I think you should do some research on that.   

       There's a fundamental ergonomic problem with the way all too many people use mice. Your fingers are designed for fine motor control, while your arms are designed for gross motor control. So trying to use your arm to move the mouse to make fine movements is a very bad idea ergonomically. Ideally, your arm should stay pretty immobile, while just your fingers manipulate the mouse.   

       Which suggests you'd be better off with a trackball or touch pad than a mouse in the first place.
DrCurry, Feb 01 2008

       You forgot to mention the wrist, thought I'd just mention that.
skinflaps, Feb 01 2008

       I agree with Dr. Curry. When I was very young (younger, even, than I am today), I had atrocious handwriting and used to get hand-cramp.

       To solve this, I set about making the Greatest Pen the World has Ever Seen. I moulded it out of polyethylene (removing large areas of skin in the process, but it was all part of the fun), and it fit in my hand perfectly - it even had negatives of my fingerprints.   

       It was an outstanding failure. It fit so perfectly in the position my hand was in when I moulded it, that it made any movement almost impossible. It was like trying to write with a wooden leg.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 02 2008

       [+]'d; while my hand is not large, my mouse could easily be half as wide again and the right-click and scroll wheel moved over an inch or so; I'm just cramping my hand latitudinally otherwise.
FlyingToaster, Feb 02 2008

       Perhaps molded to shape of your foot. Give you an excuse to take your shoes and socks off at work. Hands free operation of the computer.   

       Perhaps both feet and hands for helicopter pilot simulations. Does any computer accept four mice?
popbottle, Apr 24 2017


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