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Play stagetracker

That guy's been on stage the whole time?
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You're reading a Chekhov play and it's in the middle of a dialog between Piotr, Katya, and Nikolai. You're reading and reading, and suddenly Vitaliy pops in with a line. You're like, "Oh, no! I didn't know he was still in here. He's been listening to all of this? I thought he was off stage."

Now you have to go back and read, starting wherever, with this new perspective.

The StageTracker is a little metal dooey with, oh maybe 10 sliders on it. One for each character. It looks like your graphic equalizer on your stereo. Slide them up for "on stage" and down for "Exeunt" as you are reading.

phundug, Jul 15 2003


       You mean it's manual? Bleah. Can't you integrate it with the book somehow so it's automated?
snarfyguy, Jul 15 2003

       Not if you've got a brain that can store a number.
egbert, Jul 15 2003

       // hardly anything integrates with them //   

       Don't let that stop you.
snarfyguy, Jul 15 2003

       As an indication of my process rather than goal oriented nature - I often read books without book marks. I open it to the general place where I was and start reading. If I've read it before and wasn't daydreaming when I read it, I read a bit faster until it looks unfamilar, otherwise I end up rereading sections and find interesting new tidbits that I missed the first time.   

       I get lots of deja vu experiences this way and it prepares me for a day when Alzheimers sets in. More to the point, I've found that books with lots of pictures tend to solve the problem.
dweeb, Jul 15 2003

       Tosses bun at author, exits.
thumbwax, Jul 16 2003

       <whispers aside> they're all quite mad.   

       like this a lot!
po, Jul 16 2003

       <divers alarums>Arooga! Too Deep!. Have a Soggy Croissant.</divers alarums>
gnomethang, Jul 16 2003


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