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Shakespeare In Noodles

words of wisdom snack
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Each packet of Shakespeare In Noodles contains a complete Shakepeare sonnet, in the form of strips of dried noodles. They consist of lines of continuous handwritten script words only instead of ink on paper, these are noodles.

An original sonnet is printed on each pack, or you can arrange the noodle word strips on a flat surface to read before cooking. (the boiling water naturally sterilises them after any handling) The packaging is also designed to protect the noodle words from breaking up into fragments and becoming illegible.

Other poetic words of wit and wisdom are being added to the range.

xenzag, May 07 2022

Boiled Dirty Water under the Microscope https://www.youtube...watch?v=lOEOQ9ChRXc
[Voice, May 07 2022]

ramen noodle wig https://images.app....l/TV1GrGbDxtD6CyhQA
for fun [xandram, May 07 2022]


       Quite appropriate, given that many of them were written to men.
4and20, May 07 2022

       You had me at the title.
Voice, May 07 2022

       [+] But why limit it to Shakespeare? Seems like you might be able to put positive affirmations or something in the messages. "You may be eating Top Ramen Affirmation Noodles (tm) today, but many rich and successful people started off with a low budget. You're doing great! Enjoy!"
doctorremulac3, May 07 2022

       + I doth like this, but was picturing Shakespeare wearing a noodle wig!
xandram, May 07 2022

       When you can't find them in the cupboard: "O Ramen, Ramen, wherefore art thou Ramen?"
xenzag, May 07 2022

       Please don't do that. "Therefore" doesn't mean "there", and "wherefore" doesn't mean "where".
pertinax, May 08 2022

Voice, May 08 2022

       //arrange the noodle word strips//
The individual noodles might need to be numbered, or it will be a bit like the "re-assemble the pineapple from the can of pineapple pieces" game.
neutrinos_shadow, May 08 2022

       //wherefore" doesn't mean "where"// You will have to take that up with Himself who is no longer with us.
xenzag, May 09 2022

       No I won't; be knew what it meant: read it again in context.
pertinax, May 09 2022

       Juliet isn't asking where Romeo is—she's asking why he's Romeo. Because of the base word where, modern ears often interpret this line as asking the question: “Where are you, Romeo?” In fact, it's asking, “Why are you Romeo?” The following line gives us a clue: Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Since what kept the lovers apart was their feuding families, they could be together without impediments if he had a different name. Why was he Romeo? (Indeed, a few lines later, Juliet asks, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.”)
RayfordSteele, May 09 2022


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