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Sticky Sand Game/Moving Parts Game

The powder game's alter ego.
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Weeks ago I discovered the joys of the powder game. But I was troubled by the almost complete lack of any moving parts.

So I set about thinking up my own moving parts game. The first idea I had was that one would start with drawing one simple object with the various tools available that make it possible for uncoordinated dorks like me to draw detailed moving parts. Each moving part is basically an independent, moving spirit.

There should be a tool to make custom treads and all tools should be fully combine-able, e.g. using the tool that draws a circle and the fixed distance tool (which I will describe next) together creates a perfect, rolling, fixed wheel. The fixed distance tool fixes the distance between the currently selected object and another object or, by clicking on empty space, a fixed one-pixel point. The selected object is still allowed any motion that conserves the distance between the selected object and the other object/point. The latter objects/points should also be allowed to be selected and bound to another object. In the case of the fixed point it would also become free floating but still bound to the first object. This feature is an essential feature and is priority one.

A zoom feature would make nanotechnology possible.

The sticky sand game I came up with next. It is essentially the powder game except that with the sticky setting on the powder "sticks" together essentially making it move together as a solid body.

There should be two settings, infinite and finite. The finite setting means that the "stick" can be overcome by forces above a custom limit, so it's destructible. You probably can guess what infinite does. There should be a weld element also that "sticks" different non-flammable elements together.

A unified program would be ideal but I don't have enough energy to think one up and also I need a more talented programmer to make any of this a reality.

Hey, now that I think of it, in a unified program with zoom feature and finite turned on, one could nano-engineer better elements. That's one less article to write. Also, this game should be online. I have said all I need to say, so goodbye!

Sodastructor http://sodaplay.com...a/items/constructor
enjoy! [xenzag, Mar 20 2009]

Fantastic Contraption http://www.fantasticcontraption.com/
This one's not free-form, but there are similar games out there. [phoenix, Mar 21 2009]

incredibots http://incredibots.com/
sorte like the moving parts game, but not as customizable. [bluebeaversscrubbingourfloors, Mar 28 2009]


       check the link [bfs]
xenzag, Mar 20 2009

       My idea is better.   

       That ridiculous comment earns you a bone.
xenzag, Mar 21 2009

       The comment makes my idea no better or no worse, to give me a bone because of the comment is like being fired from a job for getting a bad haircut.   

       [floorscrubber] Too much defensiveness has a way of attracting even more bones here, in my experience.
xenzag, Mar 21 2009

       scrubber - have to agree with xen.
po, Mar 21 2009

       gosh, i was just saying that i personally liked my idea better, i didn't mean to offend anyone.   


       bone neutralised.... now come around and clean my floor :-)
xenzag, Mar 22 2009

       I've often wondered if remaining neutral means you actually pressed the + and - choices and they canceled each other out or if you just remained perfectly motionless. Not touching the voting system at all. With determination of steel.
blissmiss, Mar 23 2009

       I guess I can sum up the moving parts game as a sort of custom built clockwork game if that helps you understand.   


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