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Plush construction equipment

Heavy soft machinery
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As described. Full size heavy construction equipment covered with a plush fabric, stuffed with soft material.

Brightly designed to resemble a stuffed animal toy of similar shape to the machine - e.g., a backhoe made to look like a swan or ostrich, a truck shaped like a giant turtle.

tatterdemalion, Jan 04 2012


       This might attract more females into the construction industry :)
phundug, Jan 04 2012

       A bulldozer named 'Caterpillar'.
AusCan531, Jan 04 2012

       "A Bulldozer named Desire"
FlyingToaster, Jan 05 2012

       [+] for the mental image of someone trying to demolish a building with a giant fluffy pom-pom on a chain.
Wrongfellow, Jan 05 2012

       this was twice not what I thought it would be...
po, Jan 05 2012

       You thought it would be equipment for the construction of plush buildings?
hippo, Jan 05 2012


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