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Thought Balloon Gun

Suspended pondering
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Ever wish you could broadcast thoughts to people around you?

Well, no need to wait until our heads all swell and telepathy becomes widespread. Spread those thoughts today with the Thought Balloon Gun!

On the side of the gun is a small keypad, not dissimilar to those found on mobile telepones. The keypad allows you to compose a thought.

Once you are satisfied with your thought, pull the trigger of the gun. The tiny onboard printer will render your musing on a cloud-shaped balloon which will then be inflated from the integrated helium cylinder and sealed by the pinchamatronic doohickeys at the end of the barrel.

Now simply tie a length of invisible string around the neck of the balloon and thread the other end through your ear piercing/hat.
Voila, you are broadcasting thought!

The applications of the Thought Balloon Gun are manifold: the crafty boss who informs his underlings at promotion time that he particularly likes cheese, the cheeky single girl who lures the handsome stranger at the other end of the bar by confessing that she isn't wearing any socks, the downtrodden mute fellow who is tired of people assuming he's just shy....

DocBrown, Jun 06 2005

Or mount this display stick to your hat. http://www1.tpgi.co...s/p8king/xc0198.jpg
[ldischler, Jun 06 2005]

Lady in Parka http://news.boisest...03/nell%20parka.gif
Charleston, Charleston... [Jinbish, Jun 06 2005]

Lady in Parka 2 http://media.canada...obert%20Spencer.jpg
What [wags] was probably thinking... [Jinbish, Jun 06 2005]

For RayfordSteele _7bsymbols_7d
The ASCII space eludes me also, but maybe this can help. [Ling, Jun 07 2005]


       Thinks... <What a great idea! I must bun it forthwith.>
wagster, Jun 06 2005

Hmm, Bunworthy !
coprocephalous, Jun 06 2005

       Presumably available with preloaded thoughts which can be dialed up on the gun's cylinder for quick deployment.   

       Could have a usb port for storing up to a gig of pithy thoughts on a memory stick ...   

       I like!
Soterios, Jun 06 2005

       Like the preloaded thought idea [Soterios]. To continue the mobile keypad theme, perhaps a speed-dial style list:
1. I need a beer.
2. I'm hungry.
3. I wish someone would buy me a penguin....
DocBrown, Jun 06 2005

       [DocBrown] looked across the station platform and met the gaze of a beautiful girl in a parka. A balloon slowly expanded by her head.... <I wish someone wanted to share my penguin>. He knew she was the one.
wagster, Jun 06 2005

       Ho ho! Why a parka [wags]?
DocBrown, Jun 06 2005

       Jeez [Jinbish] it just goes on and on and on and on and on. But I'm guessing the foto is of Mata Hari?
Susan, Jun 06 2005

       I like the idea. A typo on the last word could have created "Thought Balloon Gum" which would have been cool too.
zen_tom, Jun 06 2005

       Snds gd, bt hw lng b4 thots r coruptd lk txt msgs...
egbert, Jun 06 2005

       I propose an addition which would autoexpand all text msg-->message abbreviations.
Soterios, Jun 06 2005

       I propose a voice-to-text addition as well. What this invention really needs is a thought-to-text translator, but here there be dragons.
Worldgineer, Jun 06 2005

       //not wearing any socks//   

       Is this supposed to be an attractive feature when wearing clothing that would make this condition non-obvious? Most people I've known who insist on wearing closed shoes without socks tend to emit a rather pungent odor which I find to be most un-attractive.   

       Otherwise, I like it. [+]
Freefall, Jun 06 2005

       I'm awarding a bun here simply for the phrase "pinchamatronic doohickeys"
krelnik, Jun 06 2005

       (blonde moment)   

| |
RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2005

       Anyone know how to produce some continuous spaces?
RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2005

       [DocBrown] - she's just come back from the artic where she's been hangin' with the penguins.
wagster, Jun 07 2005

       Aha of course [wags], how silly of me!
[Freefall] the no socks thing was a lame variation on the "I'm not wearing any underwear" line of seduction - I was tired yesterday.
DocBrown, Jun 07 2005


       One question. What is this doing in "product: construction equipment "?
DesertFox, Feb 02 2006

       For RayfordSteele:
|                   |

       Space: hold down ALT, then type 0160. Works in XP OK.
Ling, Feb 02 2006


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