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Ply Selector Deluxe Home T.P. System

Choose the number of "plies" that's right for you
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This luxury toilet tissue dispenser holds up to 9 packages of special pleated toilet paper. (Rolls would be too bulky.) Each package is only 1 ply thick, but the machine layers the plies together so that you can choose exactly how many layers of softness you will get.

No longer will each member of the family have to bring his own roll of toilet paper into the bathroom to get comfort. Simply attach the Ply Selector Deluxe Home T.P. System to your bathroom wall and everyone will be happy!

Use just 1 ply to wipe a drop of water without wasting unneeded paper, or crank it up to 9 for the ultimate soft wiping experience.

phundug, Jun 29 2004




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