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Pneumatic Road

For vehicles with tarmac tires
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Lanes graded by axle weight.
neelandan, Feb 08 2003


thumbwax, Feb 08 2003

       "All motorists are advised that the northbound exit ramp has been punctured. The road is flat for three miles, immobilizing 400 cars."
FarmerJohn, Feb 08 2003

       Rotate lane coverings every 3000 miles for even wear.
egbert, Feb 09 2003

       Put chains over the road in winter.
friendlyfire, Feb 09 2003

       I seem to recall this having been half-baked in an old cartoon.
krelnik, Feb 10 2003

       This might work better for a "railway". Not needing suspension or springing, the cars could be very lightweight.   

       I think that you could get stable oscillations because the leading wheel would cause local pressure/tension changes on the "track". That doesn't mean it's completely impractical, though.
8th of 7, Feb 10 2003

       This could work - just replace wheels with giant pogo sticks, then we could all bounce to work of a morning.
PeterSilly, Feb 10 2003


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