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Pneumatic Waist-Size Addition

Medial adjustment to remedy improper garment sizing
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One problem with losing weight is that your clothes stop fitting. Even a fairly modest decline of 15 pounds (1.1 stone, 6.8 kg) can result in a waist size decrease of 3 inches (8 cm). You can tighten your belt, but it’s funny-looking and uncomfortable to have the waistband of your pants (trousers) cinched up too much.

I propose the use of pneumatic waist-size addition padding. You place this inflatable belt around your waist, get dressed, then add air (using the included hand pump) until your clothes fit snuggly.

If you happen to lose a little more weight during the day, just give it a few more pumps.

AO, Sep 16 2003


       So you loose weight but still look like a blimp?
squeak, Sep 16 2003

       Yes. In fact, with your increased buoyancy you become even more blimp-like. This would probably be just a temporary measure until your weight stabilized and you can get new clothes.
AO, Sep 16 2003

       So you have a "life saver" around your waist? I think it will take some effort to push that as a fashion statement. I am wearing self adjusting pants right now. The waist band is split above each side pockets and there is an ingenious, sliding insert connecting the ends. Only a rubber band is going all the way around. You can stretch it about 4 inches before the pocket lining start to show. Since the split is over the pockets there are no wrinkles in the contracted state. Only $12.99 at my local Wal-Mart.
kbecker, Sep 16 2003

       This would be for people who are loosing weight, but don’t care about how thin they look.   

       [kbecker] Your pants seem very sophisticated.
AO, Sep 16 2003

       I must give you bread. Big, fluffy bread. Bueno! +
k_sra, Sep 16 2003

       Then you could lose like 70 pounds *undercover* and then one day buy a whole new wardrobe that fits, and shock everybody with how much weight you've lost!
jivetalkinrobot, Sep 16 2003

       [AO] I fell in love with that design at first sight (I am an engineer/scientist, I am allowed to do that). Apparently it is not patented, but see also www.uspto.gov: 04920581, 04068321, 05283910
Looks like there is fierce competition in this sector. The last one is getting close to what I have.
kbecker, Sep 16 2003

       15 lbs. MODEST?!?!?!!!!!   

       Are you insane?!!!!??!?!?!?!   

       15 lbs. is a lot of weight.
DesertFox, May 12 2004


       Having an inflatable waistband thingo... wouldn't they be so? Clownpants? BAHAHAHA. K. Done.
tashlactica, Jan 12 2007

       or...get yourelf a new wardrobe, or...go back to eating far to many pies. I dont understand this. you lose weight to look/feel better right? why cover up your accomplishment to look exactly the same?
shinobi, Jan 12 2007


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