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RDA energy comparisons

Compare the energy of a product with a non-abstract standard
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To increase awareness as to how much energy is actually in that combo, have the nutrition info come with one more addition, as some people can't do much with the abstract "calorie": Compare the energy content with something most people can relate to, say a piece of sandwich bread. Perhaps the suggested daily energy intake could also be added (in bread) So, the label would read something like:

Energy: xxxx cal = yyyy pieces of bread, the RDA is zzzz pieces.

With luck this would help people realise exactly what they eat.

Aegis, Aug 14 2004


       Is the "abstract" calorie really the problem? I don't find it hard to remember that I'm shooting for 1200 kcal/day while dieting.   

       People do fine with abstract money - we don't see prices of cars advertised as multiples of toasters (although it turns out that that would make sense, if you're going by weight and have a very expensive toaster).
jutta, Aug 14 2004


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