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Pneumatic structure paint spray booth

Portable, inflatable paint spray booth
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Professional painters use permanently installed spray paint booths. I would like to see a pneumatic structure, paint spray booth. This would be a very portable, easily collapsible and easily inflatable spray paint booth that would contain potentially poisonous coatings. I see this as a simple four sided, clear (to allow external lighting to prevent the potential ignition of paint particles), polyethylene or or a more resilient vinyl plastic box with one of the sides held in place by Velcro, hooks and grommets to allow entrance and exit of the object to be painted. The object could be as small as a screw or as large as an airplane, or greater. It is often suggested that the floors of DIY paint booths be covered with Mylar, as could this booth. Obstacle: a paint spray booth requires a fan installation that creates a vacuum in the booth. In a pneumatic structure spray paint booth a second, higher CFM, fan would have to be installed to maintain a positive pressure (higher than the negative pressure created by the vent fan). The positive pressure fan would also have to be powerful enough to maintain the integrity of the structure while allowing some of the positive pressure to escape through the ventilation filters and exhaust fan in the paint spray booth. Better yet would be to inflate only the structural support tubes and arches as in the link below. Two sets of one way filters would be installed: one set of filters allowing dispersed air in (in case the tubes and arches had leaks), and one set of filters allowing air out. It is my hope that the simplicity and portability of the pneumatic structure would outweigh the added costs of two fans and two one way filters, should they be needed.

Edit: 1. Thank you for the corrections on the spelling of the word "spray" in the name tag. 2. I previously failed to mention this device is primarily a replacement for temporary DIY spray booths made of PVC pipe, wood, or metal electrical conduit covered with painter's plastic drop cloths. It is more difficult to reproduce the temperature and humidity controls of professional spray booths in this inflatable structure. I believe this to be a particularly attractive product for tool rental company customers as amateur and off-site professional painters are delayed by the temporary spray booth construction at the job site, if a spray booth is used at all. I also added other comments and clean ups to the original summary.

Edit: 2010 8 27 Found it under "Inflatable" paint booth. My search error. I searched Google for synonyms of "~pneumatic structure" and inflatable is apparently not a synonym. Sorry. A search for "Google cheat sheet" reveals how to do a synonym search, but don't trust the synonym search too far.

Sunstone, Aug 13 2010

For Example: This portable hangar could be resized and modified with fans, vents and velcro doors http://www.eurovini...en/hangar-tent.html
Portable hanger [Sunstone, Aug 13 2010]

Webinar: Basic spray painting and booth building http://www.eaavideo....aspx?v=83414708001
Spray Painting and booth building [Sunstone, Aug 14 2010]

Inflatable workshop / paintbooth http://www.balloonc...arage.Workshop.html
Inflatable workshop / paintbooth [Sunstone, Aug 27 2010]


       Sweet! Bun [+].
Grogster, Aug 13 2010

       sp. "spare" (booth)?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 13 2010

       I'm betting (read that: HOPING) [Sun] meant to say "Spray"...
Grogster, Aug 13 2010

       From the Free Online Dictionary: "Spar´y a. 1. Sparing; parsimonious."   

       Inflatable structures are very flexible by nature. This would be a good application.
normzone, Aug 14 2010

       love the idea. My shop has sharp puncturing objects on almost every surface could an inflatable survive? Possibly a pressurized dome would be better. airflow and all.
WcW, Aug 27 2010


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