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RapidGraffiti Stick

Graffiti in less than 5 seconds
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If you're a homie-G, getting you're call sign out to the masses can be a tough job - especially if you're pressed for time and the cops are hot on your tail. Plus, getting the art talent you need to pull the job off right is a hard press.

Introducing RapidGraffiti Stick, a product which promises to lay down your "sign" in less than five seconds flat.

The RapidGraffiti Stick is a telescopic bar that consists of a suction cup on one end and a roller wheel with handle on the other. Along the telescopic-bar section of the device, there exists a ton of tiny computer controlled spray nozzles that print your image.

This is how the device works.

Homie-G runs up to his target, pulls the RapidGraffiti Stick out from inside his coat, expands the telescopic bar, and then affixes the suction cup to his "canvas"

Then he does a quick loop with the stick, and as he turns the bar a digital encoder keeps track of the bar position and sprays his predefined image accordingly. After 360 degress of rotation, the image is complete, and Homie-G is ready to jump ship.

The RapidGraffiti Stick is microprocessor driven so it has a USB port to import the spray images.

Word to your mothers!

proee, Feb 07 2007

Halfbakery: Mural Printer (2002) Mural_20Printer
Some of the links are pretty close, although the stick-ness is a unique touch here. Look at the video clips of hector in action. [jutta, Feb 07 2007]

random International's Pixel Roller http://random-inter...xelroller-overview/
video of it in action... old idea, but they did it. - enjoy [xenzag, Feb 07 2007]


       not bad. Homie will still have to practice rotaing this thing at a constant rate to prevent blotches. one more thing, where is the paint stored and where does the power come from?
bleh, Feb 07 2007

       Could also be used for freaking out the Boston PD.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 07 2007

       Paint is stored in a little compressed canister, just enough for a few rounds and then you'll have to head back to WalMart for some refills. Small lithium battery that charges via USB plug (only enough for a few rounds as well, but hey we've got to keep this thing small)
proee, Feb 07 2007

       Put a GPS in each end of the stick, and you won't need the suction cup (which won't hold, anyhow). Just program the computer to spray paint according to the current location/orientation. The artist can then just sweep the stick back and forth over the wall, painting at each swipe.
baconbrain, Feb 07 2007

       [bb] Does GPS have a fine enough resolution to locate square centimeter size spots of color?
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 07 2007

       Bancons, you'd be hard pressed to get that sort of resolution unless you impliment differential GPS which currently is quite expensive - but this is a great idea.   

       You could add an image sensor like on today's computer mice that keep track of position by processing many frames of the same image.
proee, Feb 07 2007

       I would say to go back to the idea of keeping one end of the stick fixed. Simple sensors can keep track how the stick rotates around that one point. A spike might work better than a suction cup though.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 07 2007

       <<- That "pixelroller" is such a cool idea. Hadn't seen it yet. Thanks, xenzag!
jutta, Feb 07 2007

       [baconbrain] has a point about leaving both ends free, even if GPS wouldn't do it. Can you use sort of inertial navigation? (ie, accelerometers in the ends of the stick to log their movement and thereby compute their positions)? I hate graffiti, but this is a ferlie.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2007

       Yeah, sorry, I was being a bit silly. GPS wouldn't have the accuracy. Please forget I mentioned, and go back to the original idea.   

       The idea as described is quite sufficient and elegant. Except for the suction cup, which would still work if you pressed it against the wall. [+]
baconbrain, Feb 08 2007

       Yo g, you gots a real prolm wit da rezolution o yo stick bein theretically infnite at da poin o rotation an taperin off ta sweet FA at da perimeter.   

       Might be you is better off wit an X-Y geometry steada radial; homez can trow up a piece real quick by jes holin da stick vertikle, an walkin at a even pace longside da wall, wit da fo'mentioned optical mouse sensa deteckin da rate a movemen.   

       Either ways, seein as da fines' pieces roun my hood are trown up in layers, wit a loada shadin an shit, youse gonna have a heapa trouble gettin closeta true image reproducin, lessn you gots sumpn like da rez of a inkjet head multiplied outs ova da lengt ada pole, and/or some real fine analog nozzle control dere, foo'
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 09 2007

benfrost, Feb 11 2007

       The radial design is limited to producing images that more or less resemble donuts. Unless if your tag name was mc donut this would be limiting.   

       At the very least, there is a hole in the center. And suction cups won't stick to walls. The sweeping idea I like because it elminiates the hole, and it still leaves a small amount of interaction for the user.
daseva, Feb 11 2007

       Additional selling point will be if the stick's strong enough for you to thwack enemies, cops, muggees and random strangers on the head with it when you're not tagging.
imaginality, Feb 11 2007

       Had a good old giggle imagining some mean mo'fo' in a hoody running up to a wall, whipping out a whittled half-spud, whacking a phat graffiti tag onto the wall in one swift movement and running off again. Tag spuds, Yay!
squeak, Feb 12 2007


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