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Poker Skins

Themed Online Poker Rooms
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Fact: I play online poker.

The Problem: Each poker website (that I've ever been on*) is merely a visual regurgitation of of a previous site. They pretty much all look alike.

The Solution: Themed poker rooms; where each 'character' belongs to a common identity. Cowboy room (a western bar, with characters like Dirty Harry, Billy the Kid etc.), Mafia room, Star Wars Room, Simpsons Room, Family Guy Room and so on.

Another possible option is to have a base of characters to choose from to enter any room... so Kermit could play heads up with Jabba the Hutt.

The game engine stays the same but the aesthetics change.

*I'm willing to stand corrected and delete the idea if someone can point me in the direction of such a website.

Five_Swords, Sep 25 2006


       I haven't seen this, but since all the images are stored locally, it's certainly easy enough to do, if not done already.
Shz, Sep 25 2006

       This sounds like an awful-tasting, unhealthy snack poker players would munch on while playing.
phundug, Sep 25 2006

       I thought it would be a full-body suit that you wear to avoid giving away the quality of your hand by sweating or getting goosebumps. You know, like "poker face", only with skin.   

       Reasonable idea. I think it'll happen, unless the overall infatuation with poker dries up first.
jutta, Sep 25 2006

       I just wonder what you use to hold that fifth sword.
bungston, Sep 25 2006

       There could be an "outdoor picnic" room, with actual photographed trees, clouds, and rain overlaid. And ants on the table.
phundug, Sep 25 2006

       I realy like this! You could do the office lunch room, bad lighting, old microwave and overloaded bulletin board, the deer camp table, lots of guns and beer, the bachelor party table...
cblunds, Sep 26 2006

       I'm not so sure. Good idea, but I would think a major aim of an online poker site would be establishing trust, and part of that trust would be a consistent experience.   

       Also, skins, avatars, etc. are really quite baked.
Noexit, Sep 26 2006


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