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Popup RPG card game

because holograms doen't exist yet
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While the cost of making this idea is very very prohibitive as a business idea(pokemon scale), this would fill up a nich in the table top gamer.

essentially it looks like any other pokemon game card, just thicker.

However the magic is when you open the two like a popup books, the creatures pops out in a fury.

Of course you can put just stats and abilities, but why not also put a health slider to keep track of the creature's health. very important in a large table game(warhammer style).

To make a rare card more valuable, all you need to do is to add more craftsmanship to it. (make it more cooler, more moving parts)

This will make for a more engaging battle, and lots more broken paper figurines as well.

mofosyne, Apr 22 2008


       In all fairness, aren't you just reinventing Dungeons and Dragons (with all those figurines and multi-sided dice) ?
DrCurry, Apr 22 2008

       Pretty much... hmmm... or not...   

       This is an idea that doesn't have to apply to D&D, maybe it can be part of a premium style collectible card game(Magic the gathering on crack/ yugioh... etc...).
mofosyne, Apr 22 2008

       As a sometime Magic player I'll bun this. There are some problems, but the idea of a hologram popping up on the table is pretty cool.
Noexit, Apr 22 2008

       This would work, be cool and make money. Full points.
bungston, Apr 22 2008

jaksplat, Apr 22 2008


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