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Portable Banana Hook

Banana hook that goes anywhere
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Have you ever hung your bananas up, and find that the base takes up inordinate amounts of space? Of course you haven't, nobody hangs their bananas. But you should. It prevents them from getting squashy brown spots that I know you hate.

The portable banana hook is, simply, a light but strong metal curled up into a shape like a semi-circle with edges that are curled inwards. You simply find a cabinet hook with some hanging space below and hang it up. You hang the bananas on the other end and viola, no more squashy bananas.

I made my own with a piece off of a wire hanger, some wire cutters and a pair of pliers. My bananas are happily dangling, bruise-free.

The travelling hanging banana stand is also more affordable than the expensive not-so-transportable not-so-accomodating full banana hooks with the big bulky mahogony base that set you back multiple dollars. Instead, just buy the easy-to-place and wonderfully stylish Portable Banana Hook and have bruise-free bananas anywhere you like.

They could come in multiple styles. Modernistic, sleek banana hooks, square banana hooks, curly banana hooks for the Victorian look.

Alternately, it could hold bunches of croissants or muffins or danishes...

Abusementpark, Dec 10 2006

I think you will find that Martin Fowler hangs his from a bar at the top of the stall with a plain big metal S type hook. http://www.bbc.co.u...rket/market_6.shtml
pretty portable - seeing as he has to wheel the whole damn thing away at night. [po, Dec 12 2006]

Lakeland's Banana Guard http://www.lakeland...product.aspx/!10380
For bruise prevention of single bananas [esperance, Dec 12 2006]

hooks http://www.northern...proven&cm_ite=hooks
[xandram, Dec 12 2006]

S shaped hooks. http://www.themetal...ges/sshooks0132.jpg
I use them in my kitchen for mugs, cooking utensils, pots, wayward cats and bananas [po, Dec 12 2006]

here you go [twitch] http://www.shop.com...a_Hook-prod-8934373
[xandram, Dec 12 2006]


       "Two thumbs up! I would simply not leave home without a banana hook."
Ling, Dec 10 2006

       Somebody loves their bananas! Let's hope they don't go extinct soon, seeing that almost every banana grown is a sterile triploid.
twitch, Dec 10 2006

       [twitch], I think I posted a stupid rant about that one time that I tried to hide as an idea of some sort. It didn't go over very well. (possibly because it was slightly different & I didn't use the word triploid (which I have to guess at its meaning at this point))
+, & It's spelled VIOLA! in these circles.
Zimmy, Dec 10 2006

       Whoops, edited. Funny, I used to play first chair.
Abusementpark, Dec 10 2006

       //I made my own with a piece off of a wire hanger//
so... baked then?
methinksnot, Dec 11 2006

       ////I made my own with a piece off of a wire hanger// so... baked then?//   

       No, But that was the cheapest, fastest rapid prototyping on earth.   

       [Zimmy], were you referring to the probable extinction of bananas? It was a research project of mine in BIO. Boring nonetheless I learned about the banana.
twitch, Dec 11 2006

       Yep, I was surprised to find that the "version" we eat now is not the same as something like 40 years ago. I think due to some sort of disease ravaging that version.
Zimmy, Dec 11 2006

       I am not so sure about the exact history of it, but I know that just about every banana can only reproduce asexually, meaning that any disease the plant had would carry on to the kid, meaning that a banana disease could more easily cause a banana extinction.   

       Bananas have been bred this way on purpose though, if not, bananas wouldn't be so popular because they'd be filled with seeds along the whole core. I have had the honor of seeing a seeded banana when I was in the philippines, I thought someone was playing a joke on me, I thought it was a peppercorn that somebody stuck in it, but there were seeds.
twitch, Dec 11 2006

       [Abusementpark], I was just trying to be funny about the viola thing. I noticed that on many of the old ideas it was always spelled viola. I saw an anno one time explaining that it was a running joke (that probably few currently here now, including me) know - I shouldn't have said anything about it.)
Zimmy, Dec 11 2006

       I'm fairy new here, so, yeah.   

       Why the fishbones? If you're going to say no to my idea, at least tell me why so I can tell you why not...   

       Sixth day of portable banana hook prototype: holding up well, even under the strain of a six-banana-bunch...
Abusementpark, Dec 11 2006

       You can almost always count on one fish from the autoboner.
Zimmy, Dec 11 2006

       //So elevation might also cause alleviation of that problem//   

       That's part of the reason you hang them (that and bruising).
Abusementpark, Dec 12 2006

       Not bad, you could also use it to hang up other stuff when you don't have any bananas. Now here's the hard part, how to get them home without the bruises. . . . I've got a 'banana keeper' from Lakeland plastics, but it only works on one banana at a time.
esperance, Dec 12 2006

       Simple: take the portable banana hook with you, hook the bananas up when you buy them, and hang them from one of those grabhandles on the ceiling.
Abusementpark, Dec 12 2006

       That only works when you have a car. In my case they get stuffed into a bag with the rest of the shopping and lugged home. I suppose I could walk around suspending the bunch from an upraised hand, but it would look a bit silly. Maybe what I need is banana holding headgear to keep them from getting squashed in the bag.
esperance, Dec 12 2006

       I'm sorry, but you can't invent a hook. Hooks have been around for a long time. Just because you want to hang your banana from it, doesn't make it any kind of special hook.
xandram, Dec 12 2006

       It's not just a hook. Its a hook for this specific purpose. I eat a lot of bananas but I've not seen a hook for this. I've seen standing ones (like mentioned), but never this. Maybe you can find it and provide a link [xandram].
twitch, Dec 12 2006

       Bun, almost purely on the basis of the first two sentences.
Laimak, Dec 12 2006

       OK [twitch] see link.
xandram, Dec 12 2006

       yours isn't portable, xandra.   

po, Dec 12 2006

       I can make it be portable...
xandram, Dec 12 2006

       you'd leave a mark where the adhesive was!   

       magnets - thats the way to go.
po, Dec 12 2006

       Examples in link unacceptable as proof of bakedness.
twitch, Dec 12 2006

       Actually, if there were some sort of push pump to create a vacuum, the "here you go [twitch]" one would work portably, I think.
Zimmy, Dec 13 2006

       I don't think a "sucker cup" banana hook would work as well as a good hook-y banana hook. And mine's extendable; just open the cabinet door.
Abusementpark, Dec 13 2006

       //Have you ever hung your bananas up//   

       1. No
2. Why
3. They can do it thems elves
4. Viola/voilà was a typo, just like elf for self,
and many other halfbakerisms.
5. People grew tired of the inside jokes
and so they stopped.
6. Quoting the most famous baker of all,
"there is no such thing as the autoboner".
7. What was it that po, pottedstu, and
I used to think was funny when one of us
spelled "fuck" wrong? I forget.
blissmiss, Dec 13 2006

       // Examples in link unacceptable as proof of bakedness. //
If a picture of bananas hanging from a hook, that's attached to the bottom of the cabinet isn't close enough to prove this is baked, then I don't know what is. btw, [Abusement] never mentioned *how* this hook is portable.
xandram, Dec 13 2006

       Unless that adhesiveness in the picture is velcro (which I highly doubt), then the banana hook in that picture has no portablility. It cannot be conveniently moved to another cabinet.
twitch, Dec 13 2006

       I'm missing something here - it's just a hook - but then //banana hook that goes anywhere// so if I decide to keep bananas up my arse, it goes there too ?
xenzag, Dec 13 2006

       Yes, but it's specifically made *for* bananas. A hook's just a hook, but this is a *banana* hook. There's a difference; the banana hook I have in mind is actually designed to hold bananas. Hooks are made for pirates and catching fish.
Abusementpark, Dec 13 2006

       And for selling bad airport novels.
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 14 2006


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