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Politically correct dolls.

The toy for the new generations
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Have you ever noticed how politically incorrect dolls and action figures are? Action man for example he’s spent over thirty years being a hard man, how about a new action man with push-chair, frying pan and SUV; can he get the kids to school on time before his game of golf with his old chum Dr X?

And then there’s Barbie, the ultimate bimbo. Why not have a businesswoman Barbie complete with cell phone brief case and trouser suit.
Is it suitable for children to be playing with politically incorrect toys and growing up with sexist role models?
Barbie and Ken should also publicly validate their relationship; they’ve been dating for over thirty years. To be even more politically correct they should split Barbie revealing herself to be a lesbian and Ken finally admitting he’s gay.

Another example is that governments are going on about gay/lesbian rights but are there any gay/lesbian kids toys? Exactly. On the subject of gay toys, how about a Tony Blair and George Bush box set?

talen, Jan 10 2003

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       A bit like "Lisa Lion-heart" then?
sild, Jan 10 2003

       A bit.   

       (Damn! The Simpsons is always just one step ahead)
talen, Jan 10 2003

       SUVs are pretty unPC. So is frying your food. And trouser suits.
DrCurry, Jan 10 2003

       I think political correctness is destroying our society, and should itself be destroyed.
theimpatientone, Jan 10 2003

       The BLO, Barbie Liberation Organisation, were guilty of changing the electronic voicebox of 300 Barbie dolls with those of GI Joe action figures. Barbie dolls yelled, "Vengeance is mine!", and the tasteful phrase "Dead men tell no lies.", while a placid Joe said "I love school. Don't you?" and "Let's plan our dream wedding!''. Having both sets of phrases for both these dolls would present both sides of the coin to playful and impressionable children.
Johnny Mash, Jan 11 2003


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