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Reflexive BabyHead Doll

Educational and Gross
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This would be a clear acrylic model of a newborn baby in fetal position with a smaller clear acrylic model of a newborn baby in fetal position inside it's head, and a smaller one in that ones head etc. -- to show how the brain is shaped similarly to the whole body and to show the reflexive nature of life and to gross you out. See picture.
JesusHChrist, Aug 17 2005

BabyHead Doll http://homepage.mac...1/pats/Events5.html
please excuse the laptop mouse drawing [JesusHChrist, Aug 17 2005]

Normal Baby Reflexes http://www.lpch.org...ewborn/behrefx.html
including "tonic neck reflex" [csea, Aug 18 2005]


       this is funny. Only theres something weird with the picture in the link. The second baby's brain [which is the third baby] actually goes all the way down to the lungs of the second baby--- which is abit .... emm.... unnatural? other than that, humorous
chocolateraindrops, Aug 17 2005

       I don't really have an excuse for that 3rd baby head, other than my lap top mouse. But I think it was more that when I got to that 3rd baby head I was sort of concentrating on how I was going to fit it in and draw all the curves for the features of the face and the fingers and all and I just made it too big. Maybe this has an analog in the way a real baby is grown?
JesusHChrist, Aug 17 2005

       JHC, you're a very strange man. [+]
etherman, Aug 17 2005

       Nobody told you how babies are made? This is gonna take a little while to explain, but you see, when a man and a woman...
normzone, Aug 17 2005

DesertFox, Aug 17 2005

       haha [desertfox] you spelt weird wrong! (sorry, its just that i've just noticed that people in hb don't like spelling errors)
chocolateraindrops, Aug 17 2005

       Maybe it would be cool if each baby head was attached to the next by springs so that the whole doll stored energy like a gyroscope.
JesusHChrist, Aug 17 2005

       [JHC] Do you mean reflexive or recursive? I expected some reference to the reflexes present in most babies - see [link]
csea, Aug 18 2005

       [csea] Reflexive in the general sense of "directed back on itself". I don't know what the right word is here. I used to call the quality of something reflecting on itself "Seinfeldian" because that sitcom was a "show about nothing" or about itself, until I learned that that was what post modernism was all about - being about itself. Maybe recursive is right. Interesting link on baby reflexes. Its almost like their plants until they get to be a certain age.
JesusHChrist, Aug 18 2005

       If you look closely you can see the prenataluitary gland branching from the Matryoshkaoblongota.   

       Looking closer, we note the part of the brain where later in life is nothing to be found.   

       BTW: the artpiece rocks!
reensure, Aug 18 2005


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