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Pologo is a new Olympic vaulting event, requiring the use of a new piece of equipment, that of the Pogo-Pole.

This is simply a conventional vaulting pole that has a pogo stick arrangement at one end. It's used in the same conventional manner as a vaulting pole, except that the pogo spring attachment provides a few more feet of lift when clearing the high bar. (I'm surprised that it's not in regular use already)

xenzag, May 02 2014

physics of pole vaulting http://polevaultphysics.blogspot.com/
[Voice, May 02 2014]


       Somehow I was envisioning playing Polo on a giant "Go" board.
Vernon, May 02 2014


       (I get it [2 fries]) Although I never quite understood that game!
xandram, May 02 2014

       I am also bunning the idea if it can be done as pole vaulting hurdles! Why just stop at one?
xandram, May 02 2014

       This could be unhanced by having a telescopic vaulting pole containing some diesel and a glowplug.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 02 2014

       Now THERE'S a true Halfbakery piece of terminology - " unhanced ".   

       Too bad about the hushed up death of the test pilot for the early prototype - if only they'd thought to provide him with oxygen, his brief apogee need not have been fatal.
normzone, May 02 2014

       //need not have been fatal// We don't know he's dead until we find the body, or at least the head.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 02 2014

       Not biting!
po, May 02 2014

       The (sideways) spring offered by today's pole vault sticks far overshadow the benefit of adding this device and its weight. In fact all possible conversion of sideways to vertical momentum is already being accomplished.
Voice, May 02 2014

       I like the flippant tone of the idea, but Voice is spot- on with the physics here. The whole pole already acts like a bigger spring than you'd get from a pogo stick. Ever seen someone pogo stick even 1/2th the height of a pole vaulter?
sophocles, May 02 2014

       Are you sure of that?   

       it... tickles, in a sinusoidal sort of way. Like the wave should be able to decrease in wavelength gaining strength into nanoinscrutiny... and beyond.   

       or something like that.   


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