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Polygraph Rings

Never get left hanging again.
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Not quite mood rings. A ring which has a sensitive thin metal or rubber seal around the inside. A small microchip (like the 39 cent weight sensor/processors in the roads under stoplights) gets the readings on the persons capalaries, temperature, and tenseness, and nerve activity. Comparing that to a control reading, it decides whether or not you are LYING. When it does, the stone lights up red or something. That way, if one person is lying about wanting to be in a relationship with you, or you are lying to them, they will know, and save you both a whole boatload of uneseccary pain. While some might refuse to wear it, by doing so you're doing yourself, and everyone else, a favor.
Yoji, Sep 08 2001


       i suffered uneseccary pain but I took aspirin and lay down in a darkened room and I can assure you it does go away eventually
po, Sep 08 2001

       Since the wearer voluntarily reveals whether he or she is lying, wouldn't it be easier for the wearer to voluntarily the the truth in the first place?   

       Still, it would make for a nice piece of jewelry indicating that the person wearing it has a strong commitment towards honesty.
jutta, Sep 08 2001

       ... or is at least a well-practiced liar. Could such unconscious physiological phenomena as happen during the telling of a lie be consciously supressed so as not to trip the ring (as I'm sure most of them can with enough time spent training), it would serve to reinforce the supposition that the person is indeed not lying.
absterge, Sep 09 2001

       Unfortunately this doesn't help with the other common situation, in which one person is simply *mistaken* about whether they want to be in a relationship with the other. Or sometimes they change their mind later. I don't think a polygraph can detect these situations.
wiml, Sep 09 2001

       These would be great for training to beat the polygraph. If it is possible to suppress the symptoms a lie detectore relies on, this would be the way to do it. Just work with a polygraph by yourself - hold a blue pen and tell yourself it's red. Then you're ready to step out and test yourself in public with this thing.
jabbers, Sep 09 2001


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