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dishonesty-stopping brain scanner

make dishonesty illegal, with science
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It seems standard practice for many people to mislead others, and that's terrible. I'm tired of dealing with car salesmen, consultants from the disreputable firms, advertising, and politicians.

Let's fix this with science.

I propose the widespread distribution of technology to autonomously monitor how honest other people are being. Create a cheap lie or half-truth detector that can be handed to new acquaintances with the expectation that they will wear this, giving you a constant read-out of their level of deception, because if they don't wear your sensor, they clearly are hiding something.

sninctown, Jan 17 2014

No Lie MRI http://www.noliemri.com/
[theircompetitor, Jan 18 2014]


       This is very WIBNI - i.e. a //cheap lie or half-truth detector//. Why not simply ask for a "make everything great" machine?   

       Or is this meant to be a dummy device, which only honest people will agree to wear?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 17 2014

       I'm wearing one now. Trust me.
AusCan531, Jan 17 2014

       Do you really 'want' to know that someone else is telling the truth for sure though? See, 'that's' the question... what do you do with the info if it doesn't exactly fit the criteria/s hoped for.   

       What happens then?   

       This is a great idea except for the idea part.
Voice, Jan 18 2014

       What everybody said.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 18 2014


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