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Pool Manta

Because automated pool cleaners suck.
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Any pool owner will tell you that the Kreepy Krauly [link] does not move randomly across the bottom of the pool as advertised, but instead will always follow a repetitive path that consistently misses the debris in the areas outside it. Some will also tell you that this device was spawned in the pit of hell.

The solution to this problem does not lie in shorter, longer or twisted hoses, nor in any of the gadgets available to make the path more random. These only create a new path that is no less repetitive. The solution is simply to move the debris outside the path of the pool cleaner into the path of the pool cleaner.

The Pool Manta achieves this by gliding from one end of the pool to the other, two or three times a day, disturbing anything lying on the bottom enough to move it somewhere more likely to be sucked up.

Preliminary design features include:

- A Manta Ray shaped device with a wing span of about 1.5 m.

- Symmetrical about its transverse, coronal and sagittal planes so that it can fly in both directions, so no tail but two heads.

- Magnetic head fins that dock with a coated magnetic strip that runs along the edge of the pool at water level.

- While docked, the solar panels on the wings will harness the energy necessary to power the motor housed within the body that causes the wings to flap in a debris disturbing way.

- Once fully charged, a small electromagnetic switch would release it from its dock and the Manta would take flight, away from the side of the pool.

- Fins that direct the Manta towards the bottom.

I don't imagine much more than two or three flaps would be necessary, after which the Manta's power would be exhausted. It would then float to the surface and drift to the side to dock and recharge for its next flight.

The time taken to charge would of course be variable, but long enough to result in hours being wasted staring at the pool waiting to see it fly. Hours that would previously have been spent cleaning up what the Kreepy couldn't.

shudderprose, Mar 26 2010

Kreepy Krauly and others http://en.wikipedia...omated_pool_cleaner
[shudderprose, Mar 26 2010]


       Couldn't you just breed some chlorine-resistant giant plecostomus?
coprocephalous, Mar 26 2010

       The largest complaint that I have of the Kreepy Krauly in my pool is that it takes up so much physical room in the pool with the device and lengths of hose. (I'm actually quite happy and impressed with the way it cleans.) Now you are proposing to add a manta ray shaped device with a 5 foot wingspan. Will there actually be any room left in the pool to swim without bumping into cleaning equipment?
jurist, Mar 26 2010

       you've got a manta in your pool... who cares if you can't swim ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 26 2010

       We will be sure to add the optional Dasyatidae family "stinger" tail to the unit installed in your pool, [FlyingToaster].
jurist, Mar 26 2010

       We respectfully call it the "Steve Irwin Memorial Model", [21].
jurist, Mar 27 2010


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