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size and shape-switching swimming pool
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The pool has an extra, inner bottom and sides made of tough rubber, attached to the outer walls in places, to build pockets. Pool water is pumped outward or inward through valves in the rubber membrane to increase or decrease the pockets, respectively.

On command or according to a program, the swimming pool changes depth and shape (taking with it decking on wheels). Any diving area should not be involved.

Transform your kidney to a heart, let the kids wade out to a temporary island or swim a clockwise lap while constantly turning left.

FarmerJohn, Mar 17 2003


       I'm not sure I'd trust it to create something structural. Little Timmy walking on the liner is liable to send the water supporting the liner elsewhere and cause Little Timmy to sink.   

       Maybe the pool should somehow change shape but keep the same volume. Don't ask me how though.
phoenix, Mar 17 2003

       I don't see any reason that this could not be done, other than time and expense.
This idea sure dropped off the radar screen in a hurry didnit?


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