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Pool Poop

A Liner that conceals EVERYTHING...
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It's a pool liner with different pictures on the bottom, so that anything blends in... Everything from Poop to fish to a dead dog... You'll never have to clean your pool again... Just say it's a picture...
adrienne1218, Oct 30 2002

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       You won't be able to see this fishbone, then.
st3f, Oct 30 2002

       When I was about 16 I took a Twix into the local pool with me, hoping to re-enact that scene out of Caddy-Shack where a Hershey bar or something is floating in the pool. The Twix sank (I should have used a chiselled down Aero with hindsight), but the effects were still amusing. Someone trod on it, and presumably the squish of the caramel strip in the top of the bar felt pretty unpleasant. They then looked down and saw the brown log sitting on the bottom and just started screaming, while I discreetly made myself scarce and watched the ensuing events poolside.   

       If you're reading, Andrea from Eastbourne: I'm sorry.
sild, Oct 30 2002

       With all the flotsam and jetsam at sea, maybe an ocean liner is needed.
FarmerJohn, Oct 30 2002

       sild, I've read that a Cadbury "Lion" candy bar is comparable visually - don't know about flotation quality.
thumbwax, Oct 30 2002

       my toblerone was a complete failure
po, Oct 30 2002

       [sild] I have a cousin who lived in Eastbourne called Andrea...apart from that i'll now proceed to throw a badger in the pool.
skinflaps, Oct 30 2002

       In-laws had a rabbit in their pool while on vacation. Once they got back their backyard stunk to high heaven. Not only will the pool be nasty to swim in, the stench of a dead dog would drive all your friends away.
barnzenen, Oct 31 2002

       InstaBone for contemplating dog death.
General Washington, Oct 31 2002

       [Sild] Mounds bars are good, and so are rocky road and almond joy, i'm not sure how they float, but are great in a crowded wading pool. once this little kid stepped on a mounds I stuck in and then ate it.
Cracked Helmut, Oct 31 2002

       [thumbwax] - ha ha yes, I remember Lions, and they do indeed have a certain knobbliness, though in the reality I would guess that this knobbliness doesn't occur very often in a healthy stool, but are you gonna stop to think about that when a log's a-bobbin' past?   

       Mounds. Goddamned weirdest chocolate bar name I ever heard. Kind of like it though. Mounds. Mounds.... M-ounds. Mou...   

       Um, yeah. [skinflaps] - what's her surname?
sild, Oct 31 2002

       Mitchell....throws another badger into the pool.
skinflaps, Oct 31 2002

       Remind me to pass up swimming at the next œbakery pool party...
RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2002

       Ahh, Good & Plenty: Pastis for kids...
snarfyguy, Oct 31 2002

       Phew, not her then.
sild, Nov 01 2002

       At the camp I used to work at, they fired all the maintenance people in the winter time. About a month before summer camp started, we went to chack out the pool and found a live frog nearly a foot long.
ye_river_xiv, May 07 2007

       Better than just finding a foot a foot long.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 07 2007

       I think dead dogs float.
Mister Sketchly, May 09 2007

       If you put a biogas digester underneath the pool that sucks up all the dead bodies, the poo, the mars bars, the after-party vomit, the neighbor's corpse and what have you, then I'd give this a croissant.   

       With the renewable energy generated from this biogas you can clean your pool at least once every decade.
django, May 09 2007


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