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pool table pool

A swimming pool in the shape of a billiard table
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A custom swimming pool in the shape of a billiard table, with pockets on the sides that could serve as seating areas or steps. Custom beach balls with numbers and stripes, and foam chairs in the shape of chalk for effect. The only problem is that to get the full effect you would need to paint the bottom of the pool green. That might look a bit nasty. Now how to make a diving board look like pool cues?
gootyam, Jul 30 2002


       Hrm... a pool table is awfully small to swim in. Could we make it larger than a pool table?   

       Also, if there's tables in the pockets, wouldn't they be lower than the water level, and as such be rather flooded by the pool?   

       Pool cues as diving boards? Make 'em really big then cut 'em in half long wise. Voila! Two diving boards.
Aurora, Jul 30 2002

       Don't paint it green, just don't use chlorine.
Mr Burns, Jul 30 2002

       Only appropriate, I would think, if your family look like billiard balls.
DrCurry, Jul 30 2002

       can't pool tables be blue?
po, Jul 30 2002

       1. Inanimate objects don't have emotions.   

       2. I've never seen one that wasn't green. (refer to #1)
gootyam, Jul 30 2002

       I have seen them in red... although it looks kinda weird.
Aurora, Jul 30 2002

       pool tables can be blue. she said assertively.
po, Jul 30 2002

       ok Po you've convinced me. I will start construction at once on a blue pool table pool.   

       I'll let you know when it's ready for swimming.
gootyam, Jul 30 2002

       What about a table pool table. A little bonzai thing, with fondue forks for cues, as a sort of entrecourse, with Verne Troyer playing... ages 4 to adult...
General Washington, Jul 30 2002

       post it then. I dare you!   

       suggest Food: restaurant feature
po, Jul 30 2002

       no no [po], first day on the job and all that. I've only just discovered the halfbakery. It is awesome. Do you suppose there is the yang to your demiboulangerie somewhere in China?
General Washington, Jul 30 2002

       This brings to mind an image of a regular size billiard table, except instead of felt, it's filled with water, and the balls float in it.   

       You'd have to use some care taking shots. Hit the cue ball too hard and it will get bogged down in the water ahead of it. A nice easy shot will drift along, leaving a wake behind that disturbs the other balls.
waugsqueke, Jul 31 2002


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