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Hit your balls in the pool
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Okay, here's the deal. Take your balls and spread them out along the ground in front of a pool. Divide the pool into quadrants. Chip the balls into different quadrants for different amount of points. If I could show you a picture it would be great. Game best played really drunk. preferably from pepsi and jack daniels like when I invented the game with my friends. There is no purpose to this game except for whoever is decided to be the winner has to drink two shots of jack daniels. Then you play the game again and continue to drink your alcohol. Have fun.
dunekoon, Oct 05 2003

Right before the Big Crash of ‘04 https://web.archive...y.com/user/dunekoon
Of course, all those negative votes were lost [hippo, Oct 05 2023]


       Sounds great, although probably needs a clearer set of rules before this sport gets Olympic accreditation. Also "Hit your balls in the pool" may not be the best advertising tagline.

Anyway, welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Oct 05 2023

       Sounds a fun way to have gone!
pocmloc, Oct 05 2023

       One idea in 20 years...... that's about one word every two months - a record in itself perhaps?
xenzag, Oct 05 2023

       // One idea in 20 years //   

       [hippo]'s archeological digs are still going through strata affected by the Oct 2004 disk crash. I'm sure there was more, irretrievably lost - just as there was more to Pompeii than we 'll ever know from broken pottery and ash preserved corpses.
a1, Oct 05 2023

       [a1] no, I don’t think they ever got beyond this one idea (see link)
hippo, Oct 05 2023

       Sad... maybe they fell into the pool.
a1, Oct 05 2023

       And no other comments in the 'bakery either ... that's rare. Most one day wonders stay long enough to spray some text graffiti on the pixel walls ... A google search for the user name indicates some baggage with the word chosen for the user name, and a similarly brief account on Deviant Art.
normzone, Oct 05 2023

       Loser has to collect the balls from the bottom of the pool.
OR: Round 2: chip-shot the balls back OUT of the pool (has anyone tried underwater golf?).
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 05 2023


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