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Rope-swing Waterskiing

From the swimming hole to the Olympics.
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Next time you go down to the old swimming hole, take along your waterski(s). Climb up to the rope swing, strap on your ski(s), and swing down. Turn loose at the bottom of the arc, closest to the water. If you do it right, you'll go skiing out across the surface of the water, just as if you'd just dropped the tow-rope behind a ski boat and are coasting to a stop. You won't get far, but you could go to the Oympics.

The Olympic version of rope-swing waterskiing will take place next to the high-diving venue at the swimming pool. The rope will be fastened to the roof of the stadium, the take-off platform will be above the top row of the seats. Competitors will swing down to the surface of the water, release, and ski down the pool in the lanes normally used by swimmers.

The swinging ropes will be in two styles. A single rope with a T-handle will be used for certain classes of artistic swinging, while a trapeze bar with two ropes will be used for other artistic-swing classes. Distance skiers can use either rope style.

Distance skiers will be measured to the point where the belt buckle of their outfit enters the plane of the water's surface. Artistic skiers will be judged for style, grace and originality. Artistic skiers and artistic swingers must ski a minimum distance for their attempt to qualify for judging.

Points will be deducted for slipping off the handle and falling into the stands.

baconbrain, Feb 28 2007


       Brilliant. [+]
imaginality, Feb 28 2007

       Damn. I know it would hurt but I'd like to try it. Of course, I've been trying to get up the nerve to go basejumping for about ten years now, and haven't even skydived yet, so I'm probably safe.
normzone, Feb 28 2007


       Though the waterskiing bit of this is the really crazy/fun part, it would also work well for diving competitions - the divers have to trapeze/swing in on a somewhat higher rope and dive off at the right moment. For the technical score, points would be deducted depending how far away from the centre of the pool the diver enters the water.
imaginality, Feb 28 2007

       Excellent. If the swimming pool was sloping you'd go further too.
hippo, Feb 28 2007

       Um so a rope fastened to the roof of a stadium mmm, so you are dissapating the greater part of your downward momentum gained inthe top half of the swing, in the lower part of the arc, all through your fingers. And you only lose a couple of points for slipping off the handle.... Do you get any points back for artistic merit/clean entry when you plummet to your death? or must you remain breathing for a result to be recorded? still bun from me.
the dog's breakfast, Feb 28 2007

       I love the death factor in this. Even though you could have suggested that the swinging takes place over large safety nets or something, you didn't. Bravo for macabre ideas.
Night, Mar 02 2007

       And if it was frozen, the pool could slope without the water splashing out!   

       But there's something about putting on skis, and trapeezing into a pool that really strikes a favorable cord with me. [+] for the new water sport.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 04 2007


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